Nikolai Loginoff


Nikolai Loginoff
Biographical Information
AliasLogi, Kola
Height6`1 / 186cm
Weight190lbs / 86kg
Personal Information
LikesVodka, sea, pickles
HatesRude people, cigarettes


Nikolai defines himself as a social loner. He loves human contacts but does not mind being alone. Trusts people easily, is not hostile towards new people but is learned to be causious. Likes to joke around, not taking life so seriously. Mostly pessimistic in general of society to be able to rise again to same level it used to be but wants to take everything out of life before it is taken away.

Nikolai’s appearance is slim, fit, not very muscular or strong but can take a lot of beating or physical strain. He has grey eyes, strong black eyebrows and short beard or stubble. His hair is grayish brown with some white hair on temples.

Origin and some history

Russian immigrant originally from Saint Petersburg. After Nikolai lost his father (mother left them while he was a teenager) in a nuclear plant accident, he moved to USA while working on a freighter which headed to New York (or so he tells to people). He decided to stay in New York on a whim to start a new life in this land of hopes and opportunities. He learned some english while on seas but the russian accent was still very present. Working on the docks a few years he managed to get some money but was soon offered a job as a security guard at a mall with the help of his friend James who worked there already as a warehouse manager. They became friends when James was getting deliveries regularly from the docks to the Mega Mart. The training was arranged by Mega Mart chain and Nikolai was very motivated to his new job because the pay was way better than in the docks plus free health care. A couple of years passed by, Nikolai didn’t give much thought for the news around the world about the spreading epidemic. His world was the mall, the tiny circle of friends and work was enough to keep him happy.

The moment when Nikolai woke up to the situation of world going to hell wasn’t until he saw riots on the street and dozens of people breaking mall’s windows and stealing stuff while he was in duty. It was the moment when he realized he had blocked all shitty news out of his perfect life and this was the reality breaking in. It was time for an action as Nikolai drove home while watching these red eyed savages attack people on the side of the road. He quickly stuffed his old sailor bag full of canned food, spare clothes, some tools and a fireaxe he had hanging by his door in case of emergencies, and this was the emergency for sure and left his home. It was time to go and find a safe spot and all he could think of was the sea, one barrier behind his back from where he could not be attacked.

Nikolai wandered along the coastline back and forth, never leaving the sea out of his sight. He avoided people unless they came towards him in good attensions. He loved to be with people, but maybe trusted them too easily, is that a good or bad thing these days, that is an unanswered question. There were not much people around, just some small groups which he didn’t feel comfortable enough to join but did some trading with them when the need of food or water became imminent. Nikolai Loginoff was known as a sailor or with nickname ”Logi” or ”Kola” among the people he knew.

Monroe County

After a while the situation on the docks heated up and it was difficult to survive among increasing hordes of zombies. Nikolai was forced to leave and his plan was to go north, to Canada. He travelled by car he found deserted near his home but eventually when the fuel ran out, he continued his escape by foot. The week went by and Nikolai kept going until his shoes broke down and he continued almost barefoot, just binding his feet with some rags he found. At some point his road narrowed and he met his first living person in a long time, he introduced himself as Max Stone. Nice fellow he was, giving basic equipment and food for weary traveler and pointed a way to town of Monroe. The end of the road was near for Nikolai almost when he met Max, but didn’t want to show his pain or vulnerability when his feet couldn’t take much more. He reached the gates of Monroe with bloody red rags on his feet, barely able to stand just to see Max appearing like a guardian angel and escorting him to the clinic of the town for treatment. Just barely he survived his journey, but there is another chapter beginning in his life.

Theme song


Nikolai Loginoff after leaving from Monroe.


Max Stone

The savior who escorted me to the town of Monroe shortly after i arrived there half dead and my feet bleeding.


Head of scouts. I was fortunate being recruited by this man as a scout and to receive some respect and income as a citizen on Monroe. Zed`s hideous look never bothered me but never asked about it from him or anyone else. I wonder what happened to him or was he like that always. Maybe i gather some courage to ask him some day. Charming man nevertheless, i truly respect him as a superior and a person.


Natural born leader, busy man, hard to reach when you need him is the only downside i can think of. I heard he has a butcher shop too, i wonder what kind of meat he is slicing.

Crystal Chen

Lovely flirty lady, i really enjoy chit chatting with her. She has her strict side too and i would hate to make her mad considering the network of connections she is holding in her fingers. - My opinions about her has changed radically since i left Monroe. Things i’ve heard and her behavior has taught me to avoid her and the whole town of Monroe.


After conquering the language barrier between two foreigners, i really respect her as a medical expert and as a kind sincere person. I never know beforehand her somewhat strange answers and it really spice up the conversations with her.

Henry Patton

Stand-up man, honest and straight in every turn. Don`t really know him yet but once i do, i am sure he will be the person i can trust my life. - After my perspective has changed concerning Monroe, i have began to doubt this man and his motives.

Laura Harper

Finally found her and ordered a screwdriver i was missing from my toolbox. Excellent quality smithing i have to say and it was a bargain. Told her my story so far but did not get much out of her. Must be some skeletons in her closet.

Texas Battle

Irresponsible kid who compromises others safety being reckless in his actions. I try to befriend with him to get him to listen some sense. - I am beginning to realize that despite of what has happened to him, he does not change. He is also too much on a leash of someone particular, or is it the other way around?


Countryman, nothing more. I dragged him to clinic when he was supposedly attacked by a bear, saving him from bleeding to death. This man is full of secrets let me tell you. Although he told me he was behind me if i get in danger, i am not completely convinced. - Although we are mirror images of each other, i still believe i can trust him in the end. Whatever the end is.

Liliana Marat

Beautiful woman and she knows it. I wonder does the beauty reach within her. After the interrogation incident the relation between us has become quite cold. - It was quite surprise to learn that Liliana left the town and had a huge price on her head.


A peculiar woman but skillful with many things. I’ve become quite fond of her in a way. After she left somewhere, i kept thinking is she was going to come back at all.


Woman i came across on the gates of Monroe, bleeding from the cut of her throat. Carried her to the clinic for patching up and donated her some russian blood. I’m sure she’ll be just fine after some time of recovery.


A journalist of some kind. Classy french lady with neverending thirst of information. I even gave her an interview.

Max Rutherford

I saw her in Monroe Inn earlier a few times but never really talked to her. After seeking refuge from C.P.F. outpost i got to know her a little. She don’t spit in the glass so we drank a whole bottle of vodka after helping her to finish the fences around the outpost catwalk. She surely would drink me under the table any day. I’ve heard a lot of shit about her but she isn’t that bad.
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