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Nika Nachtnebel


Another stray bullet missed it's mark, shooting the woman running behind Nika square in the head. A quiet wheeze, her blue eyes glazing over-then nothing, dropping like a doll as she joined the rapidly rising stack of corpses in this God-forsaken hallway.

More and more prisoners arrived,only to get mowed down by the indiscriminant gunfire of the Millers, and the only thing holding her together and preventing her from breaking down, from helping those people, from sacrificng herself for even one of them to get out... Was her goal.

'Just get to the altar. This can all be fixed, you just need to do this. You just need to do it.'

It always came down to this. Just focus on this one thing, this one goal, in order to keep on going. ,Focus on it, work for it, do anything in your power to reach it. No matter what it takes, no matter what she needs to do. She just needs to do her best one last time.

She's never truly believed in it,though.It always was an unreachable goal, far from her grasp,taunting and shining like a sinking pendant in the water.

"Just...Do it quick."

She pants out, not to Terry-Or anyone, really...But to whatever is going to await her.
It would be okay if she died. Nika knew what she was getting into. If that was what it took, she would accept it.
But still, a part of her doesn't believe the plan will work-That all of this, all of these deaths will be for nothing, again. But...She believes in Terry.

It used to be so hard to say, before.Trusting meant bad things happening to her, trust meant betrayal, trust meant hurt.
But the way Monroe took her in, Terry, Alfred, all of this kindness, understanding, trust... It made her understand something, herself.

Maybe...She couldn't reach those goals. Perhaps,as a human,it was out of reach.
But if belief in something is human, if all she can do as a human is to believe...

Then she will truly believe in something, if only for a while.

And even as her eyes glazed over,even as she dropped like a doll, gagging on her own blood... She still believed.

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