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Nika Nachtnebel


Nika Nachtnebel
Biographical Information
OccupationMonroe Scout
Personal Information
EnjoysWork, contributing to the cause
HatesIdleness, failure, betrayal


Despite her generally open attitude,not much is known about the personal life of Nika,who stumbled into Monroe right after an attack on her caravan left her dirty and without anything to her name.The city took her in,and despite still not having an official citizenship,she found her place rather quickly.Serving as either a helper at the bar,or giving a hand with any other mundane tasks by day,she is employed by Monroe to scavenge for any supplies during the night.Her rather impressive hauls made her a perfect candidate for becoming an eventual Monroe Scout,eager to help in any way she can.

Perhaps with the recent events,more about her might be unveiled...


Nika feels afraid.
"I failed.I am ready to face the consequences."

Nika feels disgusted.
"What were you even trying to research?"

The Millers
Nika feels angry.
"I didn't know why people hated them this much,at first.Now i know-Animalistic monsters."

Saratoga Springs
Nika feels devastated.
"All of those deaths-If only I..."

Personal Relationships:

Terry B.Winters
Nika feels afraid.
"The danger you were in-Was it because of my incompetence?"

Alfred Tennyson
Nika feels miserable.
"I failed."

Javier Nassim Abdessalam
Nika feels remorseful.
"You almost got slaughtered-I should have been there.Why wasn't I there?"

Texas Tommy Battle
Nika feels relieved.
"I am sorry about your scars.I hope you will be alright."

Wanda and Denzel
Nika feels relieved.
I hope you two will be fine.Take care of each other."

Mike Brown
Nika feels conflicted.
"I suppose this is how it feels like...Even still,I promise-I will kill you one day."

Nika feels furious.
"I hope we can both live with ourselves.You for trusting him,and me for trusting you."
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