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Natania Sherman


In both life and death, Natania gunned for the betterment of her people. Initially arriving in America after leading a group of more than 20 survivors out from Barbados by boat, Natania lost a lot just like everybody else. Death gradually met her initial group of Bajan survivors through the living and the infected respectively, creating a hardened killing machine who would stop at nothing to protect her friends and her honour.

The Coalition was the perfect match for Natania, an ambitious survivor who had quite literally walked through fire to stay alive. Every scar on her body told a story; a story that finally ended upon her deployment to The Barrens.

She was getting to know the citizens of Monroe in good faith. After all, full integration into The Coalition would only benefit these people, right? A lot of the town welcomed her with open arms; she was starting to warm to a few of them and vice-versa. Unfortunately, some in Monroe looked upon Coalition boots as invasive and untrustworthy, and after an explosion in Monroe killed several and brought upon the death of their leader, these nay-sayers in the leadership took it upon themselves to blame a Coalition ranger for the incident. They essentially started torturing this fine law-keeper and Natania could not stand for that.

Natania attempted to compromise with de-facto leader in waiting Arlo, but he proved stubborn and blinded by grief, even threatening to arrest Natania herself. Natania even offered to greenlight his continued questioning of the ranger, however Arlo did not budge. He clearly could not be reasoned with, despite having no meaningful reason to keep a Coalition ranger imprisoned.

It was then she raised her weapon, attempting to free her friend by force. Still, Arlo remained stuck in the mindset that would ultimately get him killed. She didn't want to shoot anyone, but that was the final straw. A man with such little regard to the authority of the Coalition simply could not assume control over Monroe. Thus, Natania ended him with a bullet to the skull. Just like that.

This power move ultimately brought death upon Natania herself, being taken out by a Monrovian just after. She'd already hurt her leg - how could she fight back against two? But that was okay: she had made her move and struck, but ultimately paid the price herself.

Now without their king and prime heir, how can Monroe resist the warmth, security and protection of The Coalition?


God, all Natania's actions did do was put Lynch and Noelle wading up shit creek in an attempt not to be associated with her reckless actions.


And to think I let you in my home...a dishonorable death deserved. (Good story plot added though 🙂)