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Moose McCarthy


Moose McCarthy
Biographical Information
HairLight Brown
Eye ColorBlue
Blood TypeA+
Personal Information
HometownPendleton, Oregon
ReligionRoman Catholic
OccupationStore Owner, Ex-Denver Broncos Fullback
Date of BirthApril 7th, 1984

Other Information
Languages Spoken English
Story Information
Current StatusAlive
Infected Killed0
Non-Infected Killed0
First AppearanceS1E1
Last AppearanceN/A

Harry Williams - AcquaintanceTBA (Status Alive)
Isabella Arrav - Acquaintance TBA (Status Alive)
Dwight Jackson - Acquaintance TBA (Status Alive)
Travis Jones- Acquaintance TBA (Status Alive)

Public Knowledge of Moose McCarthy
NFL fans and in particular Denver Broncos may recognise Moose McCarthy as a former Fullback for the Denver Broncos between 2006-2010. It would be known that Moose played a total of six games, having initially impressed in the first four rounds of the 2009 NFL season, in particular the season opener that was tragically cut short by a season ending ACL injury in his fourth match of 2009. He was offically waivered in 2010, having only played two matches in 2010.
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