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Monroe Residents - updated

Sep 20, 2019
Monroe Residents – updated

Monroe is currently populated by 75 citizens, with around 20 active player characters. This post will introduce you to the governing council and provide a brief overview on the roles of NPCs around town.

Minister - The current Minister of Monroe is Crystal Chen, who took on the role following the disappearance of previous minister Constantine. Crystal arrived in Monroe a travelling food vendor, with her sharp business acumen seeing her rise up the ranks of the town over the year. She is extremely money-minded, having been the Head of Commerce before her rise to Minister.

Agriculture - The current Head of Agriculture is Liliana Marat. She leads a team of 12 dedicated to the care of Monroe’s crops and livestock, as well as food preservation, hunting, and gathering. Previously focussed on running the inn, Liliana is well-known throughout Monroe for her chatty, jovial and feminine nature.

Construction - The current Head of Construction is Henry Patton. He leads the team of six hardworking individuals who focus on the maintenance and improvement of Monroe’s infrastructure. Henry is known around town to be hardworking and dedicated to the job.

Scouting & Security - The current Head of Scouting & Security is Max Stone. He leads a team of brave security personnel who strive to protect Monroe from any and all threats. They are also in charge of the armory and police station. He is a well-respected man of the law and a well-known face around The Barrens.

Alongside the core team of security personnel, Stone leads the Monroe Rangers, who ensure that Monroe and the greater Barrens remain a safe place for all. The rangers can be found frequently patrolling Monroe and the surrounding area.

Medical – The Head of Medical post is currently open. The Head of Medical must be dedicated to ensuring that Monrovians are kept healthy. Until the position can be filled properly, Nurse Joy is in charge of the three medical workers.

The remaining 15 residents include 6 children, 3 elders, 1 mechanic, 2 bartenders and 2 janitors.

An ever-growing market town, Monroe’s marketplace is a hotspot for trade from all over the region. If you’re patient enough for the right trader, you can buy just about anything at the marketplace! The various travelling merchants and other guests in town are able to stay in a room at the inn… for some gold!​
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