Minister's Speech #2 | Republic of Monroe




Minister Chen made a speech to the people of the Republic of Monroe today, which was also broadcast over The Barrens via radio.

Good afternoon. We hold today’s briefing with an important update regarding the status of the Miller community embassy in Monroe. Following a serious incident at the inn yesterday involving a trio of Miller representatives, I can confirm that the Republic of Monroe no longer holds any official relations with the Miller community.

I sent a peacekeeper force, led by Deputy Hand, to the embassy with the intention of swiftly arresting the guilty three. However, an agreement could not be reached with the embassy, and Monrovian peacekeepers were forced to storm the building. Meeting resistance from the embassy members, our peacekeepers had no choice but to eliminate all Miller units within the embassy. Monroe is now Miller-free and our own representatives in their community have returned.

Let this be a message to all: the Republic of Monroe is the land of law and order. This administration puts Monroe first. Thank you to our brave peacekeepers, Deputy Hand and medical assistant Terry Winters for your service. That is all.