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(Meme) Sergant Edgelord McWarcrime III


Look upon my edge, ye mighty, and despair!
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Sep 3, 2019
Corvallis, Oregon
Edgelord McWarcrime III
Biographical Information
GenderNon Political
Eye ColorRed
Age22 but he served seven tours in Iraq.
Weight300 lbs
Blood TypeBoiling with Pure Rage
Personal Information
HometownToo lazy to think of one
ReligionWho cares!
OccupationFormer Navy Seal/Special Forces
Date of BirthDoesn't Matter.

Other Information
AlignmentI do what I want!
Languages SpokenAmerican
Story Information
Current StatusAlive, but will likely be killed off after the player rage quits
Infected KilledMany
Non-Infected KilledOver 300 confirmed kills and is top sniper in the entire US armed forces
First AppearanceS1E1
Last AppearanceLikely Soon

Sergant Edgelord McWarcrime III is a very tragic character. After signing up to the armed forces where he bombed 47 schools, 36 Hospitals, 12 orphanages, 4 Weddings and 1 school for blind children which had a hospital attached and was hosting a wedding at the time, he completely feels no remorse for all these pretty despicable things, because he was just following orders...or something. He's sad and brooding okay, it also means he doesn't feel any remorse for KOSing anyone he runs across without emoting, because, zombies have made everyone evil...or something... or I just want to kill players for sport. Get off my case newb. Sergant Edgelord McWarcrime III only has one goal, the Roleplay the best roleplay on Gateway Roleplay. Unlike you he isn't held down by things like morals, character motivation or sever rules! In fact, Edgelord knows better than the admins in how he roleplays, and will get into long arguments about things like "Metagaming", "Powergaming" and not taking every slight to his perfect badass as a personal insult! In those cases he will complain about OOCly to the point where he will try to kill your character, get killed, then complain that his special forces training prevents him from being killed for some reason. He may or may not create a second character before getting banned from the server then complaining on the Indie Stone Forums.

The Admins - HatesThey don't know what Real RP is. It's kind of sad actually.
The Players - Neutral lol they all suck at this game. Its like they're trying to type something as I gun them down. Dumb newbs lol.
Saphired - Despises Complains that my character doesn't get the military at all, says I spelt Sergant wrong (he says its spelt Sergeant lol) and says that I'm acting like "one of those stolen valor assholes." lol. He even has the audacity to send me resources that talk about things like "PTSD" and "Life After Enlistment". I'm too cool for that. That newb better watch out since I'm going to kill his entire group.
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Feb 22, 2020
who stole my character draft what the heck you will be reported to the indiestone forums