Marian Castle


Marian L. Castle
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Biographical Information
First SeenWhat Remains - Episode 1
Last SeenWhat Remains - Episode 4
Personal Information
OccupationDeputy of Security
SexualityStraight? Not really explored
HometownSome backwoods rural town in Pennsylvania
AffiliationArcadia (Formerly), Monroe (Currently)
AlignmentLawful Neutral
Physical Information
Height6'0" (approx. 183 cm.)
Weight 160 lbs. (approx. 72.6 kg.)
Hair ColorPlatinum Blonde
Eye ColorDichromatic Blue/Green

Theme Song

Longtime residents of Monroe might remember when Marian first arrived in the settlement. She started as one of the guards but her potential was seen by Julian who made her the Deputy for Security after a short time and after proving herself to him. She's known to be a hardass when it comes to what laws the settlement does have and she has a strong sense of morality and what is right and wrong. She's willing to do whatever it takes to keep the people of Monroe safe, except for sacrificing others needlessly. She's been seen to have a level headed attitude, being able to quickly react and think on the spot, and a natural tendency towards leadership and remaining incredibly calm under pressure or in dangerous situations. Marian has disappeared from Monroe after announcing a camping trip with Avery, Lorelei, and Jack and has not been seen since.
Familial Relationships
Peter Castle, Father (56)"I wish I'd killed you before I left..."
Marianne Castle, Mother (52)"Wherever you are, if you're even alive, I just hope you had a good life without my father."
Hunter Castle, Eldest Brother (36)"If I ever see your piece of shit face again, I won't hesitate to shoot you."
William Castle, Older Brother (32)"You were just as bad as they were; silence speaks volumes as to the character of a man."
Arcadia Relationships
Scott Bannerman, Arcadia Guard (55)"Hope you're doing okay, old man. Things aren't the same without your dark humor around to lighten the mood."
Nadia Jones, Arcadia Farmer (38)"I hope you at least found your family, maybe. You were always telling us how they were off with your ex-husband when shit hit the fan..."
Victor Evans, Arcadia Medic (36)"No idea where you and the others are but I hope you're all doing okay. I know without you a lot of us would have been dead a long time ago."
Ulysses Atwood, Arcadia Blacksmith (42)"Thanks for everything you did for us. Now I'm hoping you found a new, better place to live after that incident."
Mathis Reed, Arcadia Hunter (24)"You and your brother helped me get better at hunting and trapping. I hope you're both together and safe now."
Nicholas Reed, Arcadia Hunter (24)"Maybe we'll see each other again. I owe you a lot for teaching me how to use my bow properly."
Monroe Relationships
Job"Whether or not I'd won the election, I'm happy with the outcome as long as it wasn't Jeremy running things. He'd run Monroe into the ground. Good luck, Job. We're going to need it.
Conrad Miller (RIP)TBD "I just wish we'd have had more time together. I wanted to see if we could make a life together, maybe; now I'll never know."
Charles Gideon (RIP)TBD
Charlotte Emerson (RIP)"Charlotte was truly dedicated to her job and I respected her so much... I can't believe we've lost so many good people in such a short amount of time. No matter what, we're going to get the fuckers that caused all of your deaths, I swear."
Arlos Gray (RIP)"Arlo really was too good for this world just like his father. I hope he's finally at peace and if there is something after death, he's with his father."
Roscoe Gray (RIP)Roscoe was a great man and his son was too. When he died, everyone was devastated, even myself. We really will never see his like again.
Elijah HuntTBD
Avery Dekker"Avery's been a good friend of mine as long as she's been here. I'd trust my life to her and I hope she trusts me enough to feel the same way."
Lorelei Cross"My best friend; ride or die to the end, no matter what."
Jack Summers(Dekker)"Kid, you and your brother are the future and we all have to do what we can to keep you safe."
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