Marcie Graham


Marcie Graham
Biographical Information
Current StatusFine
HairPlatinum Blonde
Eye ColorBlue
AgeEarly 20s
Height5'2"/156 cm
Weight126 lbs/57 kg
Personal Information
HometownSomewhere Out There
ReligionYou Think There's a God?

"You wouldn't want to see what I've seen."

Marcie is supposedly a relatively recent newcomer to the area, having travelled south from Canada. Apparently she's visited all over, including Montreal and Toronto. Regardless of whether this is true, at least she can back up her experiences with her skills. One has to wonder what finally motivated her to move southbound after this long.

She doesn't talk much about her life or what she did before this all began; then again, she probably wouldn't have been that old either. If asked, she'll probably give you the cold shoulder or move on to another, more comfortable subject. Can't exactly blame her though, can you?

Marcie stands at a relatively short stature, around 5'2, thin and fairly lithe. A somewhat messy bob of platinum blonde hair lies rests atop her head, blue irises contrasting with her fair complexion. Sometimes she's a quiet observer, other times she may crack a few jokes, but throughout, Marcie seems the type to keep a relative distance from those around her.

Though she's not limited in her attire, she dresses rather conservatively and practically. A short black coat over a long sleeved shirt and trousers is not out of the norm for her during this time of year. However, her clothes may contrast with more vibrant accessories, such as hats, scarves, and other trinkets. She typically has a small backpack with her. When out and about, her preferred weapon of choice is her shortbow or her dagger.

Marcie doesn't seem particularly concerned with making friends so much as finding someplace she can say in relative safety. Considering the times, this isn't exactly surprising. Despite a wariness towards kindling friendships, the young woman isn't shy of cracking a smartass remark here and there to keep others on their toes.

As stated prior, Marcie can be both an intuitive and patient observer and a mischievous smart aleck. Deeper motivations can be fairly difficult to discern, but plenty of people have become hardened by events over the past thirteen years.

Positive Neutral Negative Trust Platonic Romantic

"The Coalition of Pittsford and Fairpoint"
"Definitely can throw their weight around from what I can tell. Evidently run by some smart people. Feels like I can stay here, at least for a bit."
Marcie only heard rumors of the CPF prior to leaving Canada. As she travelled towards Monroe County, heard more abou them, an made the decision to seek them out.

. . . . .

I don't wanna talk about it...

A Familiar Tune.

Reflections of the Past.