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Louis King


Louis King
Biographical Information
AliasLouis, Officer
D.O.B.May 3rd
OccupationWPPD Captain
Physical Information
Weight176 lbs
Hair ColorSalt and Pepper
Eye ColorBlue-Gray
Personal Information
Face ClaimJeffrey Dean Morgan


Louis Anthony King is a 41 year old Police Captain for the West Point Police Department. To keep it simple, Louis stands at around 6 foot and is set at about 176 lbs. He sports a darker colored hair with a decent amount of gray and a thicker stubble to match. His face is long but with a very mature look to it as wrinkles are now beginning to take over. His slightly sunken eyes are a Blue-gray color that naturally look relaxed. He also has an above average body build. Almost always, he is seen in his WPPD uniform, however on the off-duty rare occasions he gets, he is seen with modest clothing such as jeans, flannels/button ups, and a pair of ranch boots.

"Running with all of my brothers
I always wondered how far we could go
If we could break through the ceiling above us
There'd be no point of us looking below..."

"Maybe the sky's falling out around the babies
Maybe the world is gonna spin out of control
I don't care anymore...
What if I quit today working for the man
And said I've had enough, well, maybe I can
Cause It's all gonna end anyway
Tell me doctor, whats the cure, for the wicked man's blues..?"

"Like a cripple without his cane
A king without a crown
The passion that once consumed me has turned to ashes on the ground,"

"So you think you got it all figured out
All this money in the bank and women all about
Well, now whatcha gonna do when your ship starts to sink?
Caught in a monstrous sea and you won't be able to think
Yeah, and it's there you'll learn what I know
That all of this world will fade
You gotta learn to let it all go
Oh, and flow like the river"
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Hi officer okay. I’m calling to report an assault. White-knuckled grip, just behind my rib cage.

(Edit for clarity, and a lil’ posterity: Tonal oversight, yo—connotative imparity.)

Breakin’ my heart, Dad. Cashed and crushed it.
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Louis will not be apart of this lore anymore, for those that care.