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Apr 18, 2019
Drum roll, please! I am proud to announce our newest addition - Lines We Cross: Survivor Stories, an anthology-based prequel to our upcoming main lore! Now, I assume you all have some questions, and I have compiled some general ones to offer some added information for everyone who may be confused about what this is.

General Questions

Q. "What is an anthology based lore?"
Episodic and short. These are all going to be three-day lores that will require very short applications - each of them will take place during an upcoming weekend and tell the isolated story of a certain group of survivors with very specific goals ... think something on the lines of the Twilight Zone or a D&D one-shot.

Q. "Will we be able to play these characters in the main lore?"
If your character survives and we reach the appropriate point in the lore for them to be introduced - yes.

Q. "What will these episodes consist of storywise?"
Simple. We will use this to explore things similar to how we would in forum stories. Some of them may take place during the onset of the outbreak before the whole world goes to hell, some of them may take place numerous years in the future, or in another country entirely. This is meant to build the world of Lines We Cross and not by any superficial means - your actions will matter, and you will play a large part in the construction of this world space.

Q. "Why are these going to be so short?"
We want to have short, contained stories with a satisfying conclusion that will not stall our main lore whatsoever. It's a three-day investment, something to do, and something that will offer more lore to the world-at-large that you, the player, will have a hand in creating.

Q. "Will we be able to reapply for the current on-going session if we die?"
No - once you die, you're out of that session - some exceptions may be made if you die in the first ten minutes of the first day.

Q. "Will we be able to request items to start?"
No - if you have something you specifically need for your character, an exception may be made.

Q. "Can we group our characters?"
To an extent in some sessions. I'll clarify by saying some of these sessions are not going to be normal. You may not *just* be a normal survivor - you could be soldiers doing various operations, you could be members of law-enforcement attempting to keep the peace in the early days of the outbreak, you could be prisoners left to die by correctional guards, you could be stuck aboard a ship ... these settings will be diverse. Use common-sense if you plan to have your character start with a pre-determined relationship with someone else's.

Q. "How dangerous will these be?"
No comment.

Q. "Why are we doing this?"
Why not? We're bored, it's something to do and should offer some cool background to the world while we wait for the animation build multiplayer to release!

Q. "How many of these can we feasibly do?"
Enough. I would say we could come up with enough 3-day concepts until the animation build releases, to be honest with you.

Q. "Will these become common-place in upcoming lores?"
Maybe? It depends on whether or not our player base receives this well.

Q. "What if I miss one of the days?"
We will announce these with an ample amount of time for you to determine whether or not you can make it - if you have prior obligations and miss one day, I do not believe it will be outrageous for you to catch up. However, if you miss two, we will determine that your character has either died or been left to an unknown status. If you do not believe you can make the obligation, I would ask that you wait until the next one when you may be able to do so.

Q. "Will this be continuous throughout every upcoming weekend?"
Probably not, members of the admin team may have real obligations as well. We will announce when another session is ready-to-go.

Q. "Will we be using Build 40?"
A. Yes.

Lore Prompt & Launch Date
And with our general questions out of the way, we will move onto the session prompt itself.

February 19th, 2013.
Day 5, approximately forty-eight hours before evacuation orders are put into place.
Bellarmine University, Louisville Kentucky ...

The world has been set ablaze by an unknown disease originating from Saudi Arabia. You, as a college student: have had your world turned upside down, your classes have been canceled or put online, your favorite bars and social activities have firmly been put on hold, and your life has slowed to a crawl. Most students have either pulled out entirely and went back home, but you were not as fortunate as them ... you have decided to remain on campus. Perhaps it is because of a blind hope that everything would return to normal, fears of falling behind on assignments, your friends staying, or maybe you don't want to return home. The past few days have been slow and boring, and most of your days have been spent inside your dorm room along with what remains of your roommates, and with everything seeming so uncertain - with riots and protests breaking out in major cities, disturbing footage leaking onto the internet depicting the Saudi military opening fire on civilians and burning the corpses - the invitation to a party you received from another student named Mick sounded like a prime alternative to sitting in your room for the next few weeks alone browsing Reddit.

This will begin at 8:30 PM EST on 5/22/20 (Friday, May 22nd, 2020) and end on 5/24/20 (Sunday, May 24th, 2020).

Session Questions
I will answer a few generalized questions specific to this lore prompt. If you have any more specific ones, feel free to ask.

Q. "Will we be able to group in this setting?"
A. If you have a reason for it, we will allow it. We, however, will be randomizing each of you into rooms with your roommates.

Q. "Do we have to go to the party?"
A. Nope! This is just a prompt of how it opens, if you and your character do not want to attend the party itself, that's fine - you will end up getting involved even if you stay in your room and fuck off.

Q. "Where will this session take place in the timeline?"
A. Around day five, you will have access to the information posted for that day, and everything before it.

Q. "Where is the timeline?"
A. It can be found here.

Q. "Will we receive any additional information depending on what our characters are?"
A. Yes! If you make a character that will have information that some others may not privy to on the campus, we will give it to you!

Q. "Can we play members of campus staff? Professors and etcetera?"
A. Yes! We, however, will be capping this - we do not want everyone to apply as members of staff.

Q. "What will the cap for campus staff be?"
A. 0/3

Q. "Will we be exclusively fighting zombies?"
A. Nope, zombies are not the primary and exclusive threat throughout this.

Q. "Can we play antagonistic characters?"
A. If you want to be the cause of someone dying, have at it. You can cause as much drama as you want - hell, get everyone killed for all I care.

Q. "Are you saying I can play a murderer?"
A. If you want to channel your inner Henry Bowers or Patrick Hockstetter, go for it. Just play logically for your character. Remember, we're still reading and approving these applications, so don't go too crazy, but make sure that these characters are logically possible for the scenario, whether it's this one or a future scenario"

Q. "Can we start with any firearms?"
A. We are saying no for the general base of players, but exceptions may be made if you have a legitimate reason for having one.

Q. "Where is the application for this session?"
A. It can be found here.

Q. "What do you suggest for us to play? I don't want to play my best characters in something like this!"
A. Difficult question, play who and what you want within reason. If I had to make an actual recommendation, I'd suggest doing this ... Do you have a character you played once before that may not have lasted very long? One that you wouldn't usually bring back, but would like to experiment with? Use them here, play your experimental characters here, play something you wouldn't usually play. It will only last for three days, and if you don't like them, you can kill them or simply not bring them back, and you'll have another opportunity to experiment during the next session.
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