Liliana Marat


the GOAT
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Sep 7, 2019
Biographical Information
AliasLili, Merchant Queen
D.O.B.February 26th, 1993
Personal Information
LikesPower, Prosecco, Pink
HatesBad Manners

Liliana Marat

Liliana Marat is the leader of a large group of survivors and mercenaries that control the remains of the Corpus Christi port town. Liliana seems to be a surprising choice for a leader at first. Charistmatic, bubbly, and seemingly scatter-brained, she wields a ready smile and an easy laugh, and this young socialite first seems like she'd be more at home on a beauty queen circuit than at the head of a post-apocalyptic society. But Liliana's sculpted looks hide a viciously political mind full of cold calculation and cut-throat strategy (often times, literally cut-throat)... Her penchant for organization and leadership served Corpus Christi well during the initial crises, and she rose as a beloved Overseer as the town grew and refugees poured in.

Aided by her enforcer and right-hand man, Arvio Shaikh, Liliana has solidified her hold on Corpus Christi and fashioned a small empire from the remnants. Fortifying their position as a merchant and supply hub, Corpus Christi mostly focuses on protecting and securing their own territory for now. Occasionally Liliana's caravans and their small army of bodyguards travel the 37 north to establish more trade routes, and bring more difficult-to-find goods with them. Trades with them are said to be secure and reliable, though there are rumors that thieves and cheats are dragged back to her home for a public punition spectaculaire, serving as an object lesson to anyone who would challenge Liliana's increasingly brutal goodwill.
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