Leslie K. Winton


First AppearanceA Brave New World
Last AppearanceN/A

(This character is an A-NPC for Max Rutherford's group.)

Standing at six-foot-one, Winton is a man in his early thirties. He's fit, shows no signs of malnutrition, and is likely from a larger community. His hair is cut short, and all of his facial hair has been shaven smooth. There are signs of wear-and-tear on his face from time spent on the road, a few faint scars from non-severe injuries. He is not seen without his Coalition Ranger badge, nestled on his utility belt. He's dressed for the environment, often wearing thicker clothing made of leather to wade off both the elements and would-be attackers. Usually, Winton can be seen wearing his black Stetson, but after his foray into Pittsford with Max Rutherford, it's gone.

Winton is a difficult person to get along with as he has no problem telling you how full of shit you are straight to your face, regardless of your rank or badge, and suffers from a great degree of nationalism for the Coalition. Even with his pride, Winton is loyal to a fault to his unit, a trait passed down to him from generations of experience shared during BRT. The few people who are able to tolerate his personality are, in return, gifted a loyal friend who is unwilling to leave them behind - no matter his own personal cost.

He is a capable fighter, preferring longer-ranged weapons or his personalized Colt Single Army Action.

Winton was first encountered after being assigned to Max Rutherford's unit in preparation for the raid on the Burlington Country Club, the former headquarters of the Miller Family.


(These relationships are not accurate, and will not reflect Winton's opinion on them in full. They are to give an idea, and nothing else. They will only be updated after an episodes completion.)
2028-2029, Monroe County, NY
Max Rutherford
(The Long Dark)
"Don't know what to think about you half the time. Everything about you goes against anything I was ever taught about being a Ranger. You're reckless, insane, and nothin' but an addict. Came close to killin' me on more than one occasion, too. That's what I don't get, Rutherford. You're all of those things, but you've done more good for all of us 'n anyone I've met. Stood up in the face of the Millers, lost part of your hand. Kept fightin'. Saved Nat at the cost of your own arm. Helped me, in spite of everything we've been through. Coalition's always been good for making people feel safe, I figured all of that out after the bombings. But you? You're actually making them safe. You're not some shinin' example of a model Ranger, but truth be told, maybe that's what we need to make a difference, or maybe you're leadin' us off to hell and I'm too blind to get off 'fore we get there. Don't matter, I'll be there with you and the rest of 2-15 for it - whatever it ends up being."

Noelle Lange
(The Long Dark)
"Leaders - real leaders, they command the respect of their people, show 'em understanding. You? You're none of those things. March on into our Outpost with that fresh new badge your daddy handed you, screwing around with a convicted criminal who got your own team killed, parading him around with his own Ranger badge, wastin' our time because you couldn't check in and let Command know your ass didn't get grabbed by the Millers, since you decided to stop for a casual fuck-n-go on the side of the road in hostile territory. Top it off? You threaten to murder me in cold blood because I wanted payback on the people who bombed my home ... and now, now you're runnin' off again for some revenge story for your freshly dead daddy, ignorin' the fact that a thousand other Rangers lost family. Hell are you, Lange? 'Cause you ain't a Ranger, and you sure as hell ain't no kind of leader."

Nat Brackenridge
(The Long Dark)
"Ain't seen you around in awhile, I'm hopin' you didn't transfer out to another unit. Wouldn't blame ya' if you did, hell, you talked me off that ledge with Max. I owe you a beer."

Michelle Reed
(The Long Dark)
"RIG. Christ, I ain't ever met a bigger group of crackpots in all my life. Helped me get Sang-Hwa back, I owe you a beer for that, 'least."

(The Long Dark)
"Fulfilled one of my old dreams kickin' Max in the face like that."

"Terry Winters"
(The Long Dark)
"Only met you once, when we shipped out against the Rangers. You're a strong woman, I can't understate that - I ain't going to say we couldn't have done it with it you, 'cause we could've. But hell, I owe you a beer for the help one of these days. Heard you became Minister of Monroe, too. 'least that shithole has someone willin' to fight in-charge now."

"Ma Sang-Hwa"
(The Long Dark)
"I'm never leaving you again."

"Tyrell Mason"
(The Long Dark)
"Hope you're holdin' down fort alright, big fella."

"Demi McIntosh"
(The Long Dark)
"Seen you beatin' yourself up over what happened at the apartments. Wasn't any winnin' with that op, nothin' you could've done. Led us by the books, Scott was always gonna get done in with how he handled himself - no changing that."

"Greg Foster"
(The Long Dark)
"Called me a redshirt, I ain't ever heard someone spew off so many goddamn movie references in under an hour like you do. Way your voice gets in my head, like nails on a chalkboard. Figure you and Sang-Hwa would love each other, movie buffs, like getting under my skin and talkin' about shit I don't understand."

"Hana Takeuchi"
(The Long Dark)
"You're alright, nice and quiet ... come to think of it, I can't remember you ever saying a word - period. You even talk? Lord, I hope I ain't complimenting you over a medical condition."

"Wendy Kang"
(The Long Dark)
"Helped me out of a rough place, Wen. Doubt I'd of ever asked for help with Sang-Hwa if you didn't ride my ass about it. You're one of my best friends, you ever need somethin'? I'll be there right with you."

"Marco Alferez"
(The Long Dark)
"Didn't deserve that. Nobody does."

"Benedict Harris"
(The Long Dark)
"Goddamn, Ben. I miss you, I catch myself thinkin' about you from time-to-time, wonderin' what you would've done differently in my shoes. Lot of this might've gone better if you were here. Maybe not, I don't know. Just know you didn't deserve what you got. Spoke with your sister after what happened, happened. Just want you to know, if you're still out there - I'm sendin' most of my checks to your family. Making sure they're takin' care of."

"Preston Hand"
(The Long Dark)
"Want to talk about us? You're a criminal - you supported a goddamn alliance with the Millers, you backed Chen. Watch yourself, partner, only so much Monroe can protect you from."
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