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Josh Crawford


First AppearanceN/A
Last AppearanceN/A


Josh stands at a height of six foot three with a physically athletic build. His brown hair is kept short, though scruffy - a similarly unkempt mess of stubble decorating his face. He has tired looking brown eyes, his skin just a shade darker than pale.

He carries himself with a rugged demeanor, indicative of his country lifestyle - the skin of his hands rough and coarse, a typical side effect from years of manual labor. His left bicep is home to a tattoo of a crucifix wrapped in scripture - on the script lies the names 'BETH' 'ROBERT' and 'WILLIAM', 'PSALM 18:28' inked underneath.

These relationships may be inaccurate in order to prevent metagaming.
Beth Crawford
"I'll meet you up there, darlin'."
She is the deceased wife of Josh Crawford.
Robert Crawford
"I'mma find you and your brother, boy. Keep him safe for me."
He is the nine year old son of Josh Crawford.
William Crawford
"Listen to your brother, son."
He is the seven year old son of Josh Crawford.
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