Javier Nassim Abdessalam


Javier Nassim Abdessalam
AgeLate 30s
First Appearance"The Third Door"
Last AppearanceN/A

Appearance & Personality
(This will be updated as time goes on, and more about the character becomes public knowledge.)

He is an approachable olive-skinned man who stands at five-foot-eight inches. His appearance often shifts -- some days being more haggard, and other days being cleaner. He is built with lean muscle and an average frame. Javier has seen better days, and it shows in his face -- while he puts on a smile, the tiredness and long hours spent awake show in his eyes and the manner he carries himself. His black hair is usually kept at medium-length and his beard trimmed to match. Javier's choice in clothing reflects in his mood for the day; more often being practical and sometimes reflecting something similar to someone living before the outbreak hit.

Javier Nassim Abdessalam is a man of complexities, contradictions, and plenty of problems. He usually shows himself as a kind-hearted, compassionate individual willing to sever his own arm to save another. While he can be, and often is professional, he will sometimes offer jokes at inappropriate moments.

Character History

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