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Information Pamphlet - The Monroe Council


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Aug 8, 2020

Theresa ‘Terry’ Winters (elected December 30th, 2029)

Head of Agriculture:
Head of Construction: Gerald Bechet
Head of Medicine: Kaari’nai
Head of Commerce: Alfred Tennyson
Head of Security: Nathan Coleman

Additional Advisors:
Anthony Wilson

Second in Command: Gerald Bechet
Third in Command: Alfred Tennyson

Information about the Monroe Council:

The Monroe Council consists of five heads, additional advisors chosen by the Minister, and the Minister himself/herself.

All are elected by the Monroe citizens, with the exception of the additional advisors.

The Monroe Council meets regularily to discuss state of affairs in Monroe, as well as suggestions from citizens. Written suggestions can be delivered to the Resident Service offices, to be discussed at the next Council meeting.

Each official council member precedes over each their field of expertise, which are as follows:

The Minister
The Minister is the highest authority in Monroe. They are required to listen to the advice of the council, but the final decision always lies with the Minister. They are often found within the Resident Services building on a day-to-day basis, where citizens may inquire about anything related to their citizenship and Monroe.

Head of Agriculture
This Head oversees the farms and livestock, as well as food and artisanal goods supplies within Monroe. They are also in charge of the hiring of farm hands. The Head of Agriculture must have extensive knowledge of farming, animal care, seasons, and soil and crop maintenance.

Head of Construction
This Head oversees all the construction and building maintenance work in Monroe. They are in charge of the Monroe Construction site and its upkeep, as well as the upkeep of all official buildings in Monroe. The Head of Construction is in charge of keeping a construction and maintenance crew, as well as stocking building resources.

Head of Medicine
The Head of Medicine oversees that the medical needs of Monroe are met. They are in charge of the ongoing work at the Monroe clinic, as well as the looking after and hiring of medical personnel. The Head of Medicine must have extensive medical knowledge and preferably be a doctor or nurse themselves.

Head of Commerce
The Head of Commerce oversees Monroe’s trade, both within and outside of Monroe. They make sure that Monroe maintains its status as a trading hub, and remains an attractive place for other nations to do business with. This includes making contact with new potential business partners, overseeing trade ventures and keeping the traders within Monroe happy. Additionally, the Head of Commerce keeps track of the Monroe Treasury.

Head of Security
The Head of Security is responsible for the safety of Monroe and her citizens. They maintain the training, fitness and equipping of the Monroe guard, as well as the Monroe peacekeeper initiative. The Head of Security makes sure that all security measures are up to par, and tracks down information on any and all potential threats that Monroe might face.

Additional advisors:
Additional advisors can be chosen by the Minister. They have no specific area of expertise, but are there to represent as a citizen, and potentially offer additional advice. An Advisor is usually someone who has lived in Monroe for a long time, is a known face, and whose word carries a certain amount of weight within the community.

Second and Third in Command

Should the current Minister be rendered temporarily unable to perform some or all of their duties, these duties and permissions will pass to the Second in Command.

The Second in Command is required to perform any or all of only the most vital of the Minister duties. These duties include:
  • Keeping council meetings and ensuring information sharing within the Council
  • Maintaining relations and trade within Monroe and with other nations
  • Minister security and emergency duties

The Second in Command will prioritize Minister duties, together with the Minister if possible. The Second in Command will choose a temporary Head within their field to oversee their Head duties as needed, to ensure that these are still performed.

The permissions of the Second in Command are only in effect as long as the Minister is unable or partially unable to perform their duties. Depending on the circumstances, the Minister may order the Second in Command to step up, or the Second in Command may claim the duties if the Minister is unable to pass them over.

Should the Second in Command be rendered incapable as well, the Third in Command will step up in their place. The Second and Third in command are chosen ahead of time, and are always members of the Monroe Council of Heads. To avoid a conflict of interest in matters of law and punishment, these two positions may never be filled by the Head of Security.

Temporary Minister

In the event that the current Minister dies, is declared lost (missing for 1 month or more) or is forced to immediately step down, the Second in Command will step up as the Temporary Minister, and plans will be made within the Council for an emergency election to elect a new Minister.

Published by the Winters Administration
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