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Information about Monroe


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Aug 8, 2020

Welcome to Monroe!

A vibrant post-apocalyptic community. Through trials and tribulations, and with many larger and powerful nations surrounding it, Monroe has persevered and continues to do so through the bravery and stubbornness of its hardened inhabitants.​


Some Monroe Facts:

Monroe is located in Monroe County, and the surrounding area is commonly referred to as the Barrens.

There are currently about 100 residents in Monroe.

Monroe seeks to be a trade hub and is known to invite traders big and small.

The current leader of town, referred to as the Minister, is Theresa “Terry” Winters

The Minister is supported by a council called Heads. Read more about the Monroe government here.


Monroe offers a large variety of community services:

* A wonderful amenity of this walled-off community is their local bar - “The Whiskey Rose”. A favorite for Monrovians after a hard day of work and a feature that brings in visitors from all over the Barrens, Monroe keeps its bar well stocked and offers top-notch service to its patrons. There is also an inn attached to the bar in order to house any visitors to the evolving town.

* A crop field of potatoes is gingerly cared for by the town’s agricultural team, complemented by gardens of various vegetables that are pickled and dried to keep Monrovians fed. Monroe also offers a stable to store the horses of visitors and Monrovians alike.

* A butcher’s shop operates in town, hanging and quartering livestock and hunted wildlife. The butcher also dries and salts meat to preserve it, helping Monroe get through the winters. The butcher shop also has cheese making facilities.

* A schoolhouse exists for the children of Monroe to be educated, both in old-world knowledge and in survival skills necessary to this brave new world.

* A community center is open to citizens and visitors alike, with many recreational and productive facilities such as a library, a kitchen, a spa, arts and crafts, tv room, fitness room and therapy offices.

* Monroe’s diligent security team operates near the front gate, with a secure jailhouse ready to house anybody who dares to cause trouble.

* A workshop houses Monroe’s construction equipment, providing a place for the construction team to plan expansions and prepare builds.

* A blacksmith is set up in the town, with a kiln and anvil ready to help fulfill Monroe’s metalworking needs.

* A communal kitchen and bathhouse ensures that nobody in Monroe goes without a place to prepare food and maintain hygiene, with handmade soap being offered for Monrovian use.

* A medical facility, commonly known as the clinic, is set up to ensure the health of Monrovians is cared for and medical supplies are well-stocked.

With plenty of housing, services, and community space, Monroe is ready to bring in new residents to replace those they lost and contribute to the self-sustainability of the community. Come on through and check out if it's a good home for you!
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