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INFO | The Coalition of Pittsford and Fairport

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The Coalition of Pittsford and Fairport
The wiki is full of information on the Coalition, but since a lot of people don't know it exists I thought I'd drop some here!
Links to each character's wiki page will be provided whenever applicable.
Any name in italics means the character is deceased.

The Coalition of Pittsford and Fairport, otherwise known as the "CPF" or "The Coalition" is a network of survivor communities located in Upstate New York, which was formed in the wake of a war between both Pittsford and Fairport. This war nearly resulted in the mutual destruction of both communities. The Coalition was drawn up as an ideal to avoid further conflicts, and to support one another with restoration efforts. This ideal since expanded into a formidable faction comprised of the best and brightest from both communities.


Government & Politics
Coalition of Pittsford and Fairport is run by an executive council comprised of ten (five from Pittsford and five from Fairpoint) councilmembers while a senior councilor governs among them. These council members are picked from the best and brightest both communities have to offer.

Military & Law Enforcement
The current Chief Ranger is Jack Bevis, who succeeded Larue Monroe after the Pittsford Bombings, whose responsibilities involve the leadership of The Coalition Rangers. He oversees exterior threats, and military movements across the greater New York area and onward.
Several other organizations dedicated to law enforcement and military intelligence exist within The Coalition. Among them is the Ranger Intelligence Group (RIG) which is dedicated to criminal cases requiring extensive investigation and research. Also co-existing with RIG is the Office of Strategic Intelligence (OSI) which is dedicated to the collection of military intelligence. OSI is known to answer directly to the council.

Pittsford, Fairport, and all other communities under Coalition leadership operate under a general economy utilizing coins (often abbreviated to c or cc). They come in numerous different denominations;
Copper is worth the least for 1c. Silver is worth 10c and Gold is worth 100c. These denominations are often rounded up into a banknote which can be worth anywhere between 1,000c to 10,000c. Most businesses and organizations place value over the coin currency as opposed to general barter.


The Coalition consists of several communities, including:
  • Pittsford
  • Fairport
  • McInnis Dairy Farms
  • Outpost 1-2
  • Outpost 2-13
  • Outpost 2-14
  • Fort Harris (Outpost 2-15)

Pittsford itself is split into districts, a few of which are:
  • The Alcove District
  • The Memorial District
  • The Botha District
  • The Liberty District
The Coalition of Pittsford and Fairport Characters


  • Leclair Mercier | Head Councilor, Representative of the General Health Committee
  • Anton Korshunov | Former Head Councilor
  • Miranda Ward | Councilmember, Ranger Physician, Head of the General Health Committee
  • George Dow | Former Councilmember
  • Nathan Lange | Former Councilmember
  • Jack Bevis | Chief Ranger
  • Dwight Kilean | Ranger Quartermaster, Soldier
  • William Kozuch | Ranger CQC Trainer, Soldier
  • Doc | Former Ranger Trainer, Former Senior Ranger
  • Ross Hannigan | Department of Immigration Administrator
  • Edward Lee Orton | Government Trader, Ranger
  • Francis Hood | Office of Strategic Intelligence Agent
  • Jason Selby | Office of Strategic Intelligence Agent
  • Alpha / "Blackbird" | Office of Strategic Intelligence Agent
  • Erick Gonzales | Office of Strategic Intelligence Agent, Former Ranger, Courier
  • Beth | Ranger Field Office Intern

Kalli Trade Emporium
  • Theresa Kalli | Owner of Kalli Trade Emporium, Trader
  • Richard Parker | Representative for Kalli Trade Emporium, Trader
  • John | Former Security Officer for Kalli Trade Emporium, Former Mercenary
  • Brock | Security Captain for Kalli Trade Emporium, Mercenary
  • Dick | Security Officer for Kalli Trade Emporium, Mercenary
  • Nate | Security Officer for Kalli Trade Emporium, Mercenary
  • Charles | Security Officer for Kalli Trade Emporium, Mercenary

Pittsford Rangers

Miscellaneous Pittsford Citizens

Outpost 1-2 Rangers
  • Hanshan | Senior Ranger, Leader of Outpost 1-2

Outpost 2-14 Rangers
  • Duane Glover | Senior Ranger, Leader of Outpost 2-14

Outpost 2-15 Rangers
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