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INFO | Inner City Liberation Front

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Inner City Liberation Front
The wiki is full of information on the Inner City Liberation Front, but since a lot of people don't know it exists I thought I'd drop some here!
Links to each character's wiki page will be provided whenever applicable.

Any name in italics means the character is deceased.

The Inner City Liberation Front, otherwise known as the "ICLF", is a loosely affiliated network borrowing or associating under a core common ideology that started its life as a labor union or advocacy group, fighting for the interests of inhabitants of The Coalition of Pittsford and Fairport.

Although recognized by the general populace and media of The Coalition of Pittsford and Fairport as a cohesive group, the ICLF contains many groups and factions, all on varying points on the political spectrum. Marshall Grant's United Citizens Group, or the "UCG", represents the largest faction.


The Inner City Liberation Front consists of the following factions:
  • United Citizens Group (UCG) | Liberty District, New Karanda
  • Doll Faces | Liberty District, The Dollhouse, The Flesh Markets, New Karanda
  • Bastion | Liberty District, New Karanda
  • Memorial District Patriots (MDP) | Liberty District, Memorial District
  • Golden Branch Society | Pittsford, Il Drago Rosso


Inner City Liberation Front Characters

United Citizens Group (UCG)

Doll Faces
  • Robbie B. Badd | Contested Leader of the Doll Faces, Former Financial Advisor for the Doll Faces
  • Rhea Varnado / "Barbie Doll" | Contested Leader of the Doll Faces
  • Matias Brühl / "Baby Daddy" | Second-in-Command of the Doll Faces
  • "K-Mart" | Doll Face Lieutenant
  • "Prophet" | Doll Face Lieutenant
  • "Jackal" | Doll Face Lieutenant
  • Casey | Doll Face
  • Juanita | Doll Face
  • Delmont | Doll Face
  • Maggie | Doll Face
  • Levi Black / "Hangman" | Doll Face
  • Tiffany Reynolds / "Darling" | Doll Face
  • Danielle | Doll Face

  • Rene Ackerman | Leader of Bastion
  • Stanislav Bezrukov | Soldier
  • Ma Sang-Hwa | Soldier

Memorial District Patriots (MDP)

Golden Branch Society
  • Unknown
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