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    Everything written in our Build 41 FAQ posted 12/19/2021 still stands—Gateway Roleplay's applications will not be opening up again until What We Become Part II: What Remains concludes. Notes have been added to the FAQ to clarify this.

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    We're expecting to be finished with What We Become Part II: What Remains sometime in March, but that's not a hard date. It may be earlier, it may be later. So, stay tuned for the announcement on our next lore! If you join our Discord, you'll be notified as soon as our announcement drops.

    We're also looking for new admins! If you're interested in joining the team, don't hesitate to send in an application here. All new admins will be added to the team once our current lore has concluded.

    Thanks for your understanding!!

ICLF | Addressment of the Pittsford Bombings

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This broadcast plays over the radio, all channels. Outside of Pittsford, Fairpoint, the Canadian Border Zone, Monroe. Everywhere.

Restoration Day. What a day, what a day. Allow me to first apologize for this interruption. I do, like many of you, mourn the lives lost in the bombings in Alcove, Memorial, and within the ranks of the Rangers tonight. But, in the spirit of honesty and in commemoration, yet another set of losses should be brought to the light. The government laid a siege on the Karanda just last night, a health clinic aiding the people the council has chosen to forget, those affected by the immense amount of overworking and pollution from the factories. And for what? A sheer display of power to put to ‘’rest’’ any speak of protest, over a dozen innocent lives were needlessly lost and slaughtered by those who made the oath to protect us. I will not allow this to be buried alongside other secrets kept by our supposed protectors; The Coalition, a Coalition built on lies and war, an uneasy treaty built on the back of tragedy perpetrated by those looking down on us. I believe today, on the day of Restoration, we should have a discussion. There are those who do not want us to speak, and I suspect even now, orders are being shouted into radios, and men with guns will soon be arriving to take us away and bury us with the other skeletons the Coalition has been built upon. I invite you to do so, as my disappearance will serve as nothing but the path to revelation.

Allow me to introduce myself; I am Marshall Grant. I am not a politician, nor a martyr, I’m a man, one who has taken to each and every single one of you as a brother. We have lived under a boot for too long, afraid if we disobey that our rations would be cut off, be herded into chambers for the slaughter, or gunned down in the streets. This is how it has been until now, but no more! I stand before you a free man, and I vow to die a free man! I have watched as my family and friends were captured, tortured, and killed, and I have nothing left of my former life except for the hope of a better future, a better future for our children: The American Dream. I still for one believe in that dream. We've read this in our schoolbooks as children, and now is the time to embrace those ideas and stand up against the weight of tyranny. We have a duty to ourselves to throw off these machine men, with machine hearts! When I look around this city, I do not see ruins, no, I see a sleeping army ready to awaken! Soldiers! I beg you to not give yourselves to those who would prefer to enslave us! You are not machines, I ask you to fight for liberty, not for oppression! The world is watching us now, and how we respond will prove our claim; I stand before you and the world today to reaffirm the pledge our founders made to each other, and for each of us. To protect our lives, our fortune, and our self-worth, so, I ask you now to take up arms and yell in the face of our oppressors and tell them that they will take our freedom no longer!

We are the Inner City Liberation Front and we will be not be silenced!
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