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Hana Takeuchi


Hana Takeuchi
First AppearanceS1E7: "The Third Door"
Last AppearanceN/A
AffiliationThe Coalition of Pittsford and Fairport
OccupationJunior Coalition Ranger

(This character is an A-NPC for Max Rutherford's group)

Hana Takeuchi (竹内ハナ)
is a Junior Coalition Ranger and combat medic who was assigned to Unit 2-15 after reinforcements were requested for their impending assault on Burlington Country Club, the now-former base of operations for the Miller Family. As the widespread conspiracy revolving around The Man in Red grew, she and the rest of her unit accompanied Max Rutherford to Canada and in search of answers.

Though originally from Nashville, Tennessee, Hana has lived in the Memorial District of Pittsford with her older sister, Stella, and sister-in-law, Danielle, for the past thirteen-or-so years. Having been so young at the start of the outbreak, Hana was practically raised by her sisters. They're all she has left, and she cares for them dearly. Around the time she was 20, Hana expressed interest in becoming a Ranger—specifically, a combat medic—much to her older sister's dismay. She enlisted and was assigned to Outpost 2-15 in Monroe County, New York after completing her required 6 months of training.

Hana is a meek individual. She very seldom speaks, and her petite stature leads to her often being overlooked—for better or for worse. After the death of her close friend and fellow squadmates, Benedict Harris, Hana retreated into her shell. To be entirely honest, Hana has gone so long without interacting with her squadmates outside of missions and planning sessions that even if she did want to speak to them, she wouldn't know where to begin. Though, despite her awkwardness in social situations, she's incredibly passionate about medicine and does whatever she can to ensure her squadmates are well enough to remain out in the field. She's also surprisingly skilled with a rifle. Who would have thought?
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