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Francis King


Francis King
Biographical Information
D.O.BDecember 12th, 1992
Body Type
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBrown
Body TypeSlender


Francis acts as a social extrovert, willing to talk to all those around him. Francis is an easy-going and passive person, unafraid to talk to anyone who surrounds him. Francis is easily influenced by the crowd, and has no clear goals except to achieve financial stability and finish out college. He talks with lower-class hood slang, though doesn't present himself as "thuggish" in any manner. Violence is, in most situations, his last solution and he hasn't been seen resorting to it before in the dormitories.

Francis is a lean, 160 pound, African-American male, who has a lower-class urban sense of style derived from his upbringing. Tattoos mark all across his body, they predominantly show up on his forearms, chest, and back. Frank stands at 5'11'', adding to his scrawny build. He manages to keep a well-maintained and trimmed beard at all times, a source of pride from him. His skin is acne-free and looks great, due to his conscious effort to keep himself clean.

Ending B: Shawshank
(Escaped to surface; Survived)

Francis survived the massacre at Bellarmine University, but not without sacrifice. By crawling through a river of shit, following a glint of sunshine, he emerged from the darkness. On the other side of that river of shit was a wall of infected, a ladder amidst the horde. Alongside Jim Jackson, Francis King fought tooth and nail for his freedom. When all was said and done, the two climbed over a mountain of corpses just in time to watch the sun rise overhead.

In Memoriam Of:
Darius Jefferson

Aaliyah Stonecrest
Bruce Miller
Bryce Harris
Linda Thurstan
Zachary Mandle
Isaac Gonazles
Larry Feburary

And all the others who met their grizzly fate in Bellarmine.
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