FInal Descent - Day One Overview


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Sep 8, 2019
Final Descent - Day One

Hey everyone! I hope those of you who participated in our launch event had a good time!! This post is here to help fill in people who may have had to leave early or simply missed the launch altogether. Additionally, I’d like to encourage folks who don’t have apps in to read this and, if you think it sounds fun, put in an app of your own! For the next couple days, we’ll simply say you were on the plane and get you in the thick of it!

The launch event began with everybody on a flight, minding their own business. Turbulence got worse and worse, and eventually the pilot announced that they were changing course to avoid a storm. Unfortunately, as chance would have it we got sucked into the storm all the same and the plane came to a crash on what appeared to be a beach on a tropical island.

We all escaped the wreckage and some began to tend to the wounded while others scoured the wreckage for food and water. Eventually, the storm that brought us down starting to roll in on the island. People talked of getting a move on but everybody dilly dallied until a man with a gun and a US Marshal’s badge drew his gun for effect, pointed it in the air, and loudly announced that three people should come with him to scout for shelter while the others tend to the wounded and collect all the warm clothing, food, and water they can find. This man called himself Deputy US Marshal Nolan Gardner.

He and the others began scouting for shelter, however Nolan went ahead of the others when bothered by their slow pace. Finding shelter, he returned to the group at the plane only to find the other scouts haven’t returned yet.

All the same, the storm was coming so Nolan instructed the group to follow him to the building he had found south-west of the crash site. As soon as they began on their way, the other scouts ran into them claiming they had been attacked by violent natives! Looking around and seeing not all their people had come, Nolan instructed a man by the name of Bradley to go back and bring the others so they could get to shelter.

One of the scouts by the name of Noah Rose announced that he had killed one of the Natives who had attacked him. One of the wounded passengers, Robert Winters, doubted this claim of self-defense and accused Noah of murder, even going so far as to say Nolan should arrest him.

Nolan swiftly informed the man to shut up and when Robert questioned what put Nolan in charge, the Law Enforcement Officer drew his gun, pointing it at Robert for a brief moment while claiming that his weaponry and badge gave him that authority. At this moment, Bradley returned with the wounded and Nolan led the group towards the shelter.

He pushed them hard, even the wounded who struggled to keep pace. This brewed discontent, yet he kept pushing the group forward all the same.

When they finally arrived at the shelter and sought refuge from the storm and natives alike, Nolan demanded everybody place the food and water they had scavenged from the wreckage in a hallway so he could ration it out. Once they did, he put it all in a storage locker within the building.

Soon after, he called a meeting. Everyone gathered around within the building. Nolan proceeded to ask if anybody had military or police experience. Upon receiving no answer in the affirmative, he boldly declared that by this logic he was in charge.

Robert Winters bravely denounced this idea, declaring that they ought to vote on their leader. Nolan agreed to this, asking for those who thought he should be in charge to raise their hands. A few folks raised their hands, although not many. Nolan declared that this was a life or death situation and they needed a firm hand to guide them through it. A couple more hands raised in the air.

He then put his hand on the holster of his gun in a manner that seemed quite menacing, ordering people to raise their hands.

Some more did. About half of the group. Robert Winters continued to speak out against Nolan’s leadership. Nolan nodded, coming to a decision. The people who wanted his leadership should stay put. Those who were discontent were more than welcome to go to the building across the street.

Robert Winters was the first one out the door, followed by about half of the survivors. They took no food, water, or weaponry with them.

Nolan stayed behind, softening his demeanor significantly once the others left, informing them that he would keep them safe and fed. He put Noah as his second in command and told the others to come to him if they heard anything of note or if they needed food or water. He also informed his followers that when the others came crawling back, he would welcome them back into his group.

Meanwhile, Robert and his people secured the building across the way.

Did you go with the more authoritarian yet experienced Nolan? Or did you go with the more ethical Robert? Perhaps you said to hell with it and struck out on your own. The choice is yours.

Hope that proved to be a solid overview! Feel free to let me know if I missed anything substantial. And feel more than welcome to ask an admin for a tp over to either Nolan’s group or Robert's group. You can do this via support ticket.

Hope all those who played had fun! I know I sure did.

And a final note - we’re trying to make Discord groups for each of the two groups that formed so you can let your fellow group members know when you’re getting online. If you want to be a part of this, please PM Pika with your Discord tag and your group so we can get that all set up and ensure we all log on to enjoy this fun, complex world that has been created for us to explore!