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Eugene Campbell


Eugene Campbell
Biographical Information
Eye ColorGreen
Weight130 lbs
Blood TypeO Negative
Personal Information
HometownWhite Plains, New York
OccupationEnglish Teacher
Date of BirthApril 3rd, 1975

Other Information
AlignmentNeutral Good
Languages SpokenEnglish, Latin (Broken), Spanish (Broken)
Story Information
Current StatusAlive
Infected Killed0
Non-Infected Killed0
First AppearanceS1E1
Last AppearanceN/A

Eugene has been a teacher at West Point High School for the last 14 years now. While respected in the West Point Community, it is no secret that he went through a nasty divorce from his ex-wife, Jeanette, a few years ago. When classes are not in session, and when he doesn't have custody, Mr. Campbell can usually be found a The Drake in West Point, a fact known by many parents in the community, and to his own students. While he has had a stellar record in his many years with the WPSD, his drinking problem was a worry, but they couldn't really do anything. However, in light of these situations, Mr. Campbell now finds himself a nervous wreck.

Relationships - Campbell Family
Jean Dorsey - Ex-Wife"If you weren't such... the way you are... maybe I could see our kids right now. Maybe I wouldn't need this bottle." (Status Unknown)
James Campbell - Son & Adeline Campbell - Daughter "God... I hope you two are safe... I'm going to throw the fuck up..."(Status Unknown)
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I was wondering how long it would be until someone made an IASIP joke.

47 Hours and a Half hours.