Emett Kouris



One of the many new people having drifted into and through New York over the past few months.

Dark brown hair and a full, rarely trimmed beard. The beard is graying, and the hair is balding.
Blue eyes, white skin (sunburn-tanned by years in the sun), and looks to be somewhere in his 50s.
In good physical condition, but nowadays, that's considered average and expected.

Fuckin' biography? Fuck is this, a fuckin' AA meeting, sitting around and
exchanging stories all buddy-like? Go suck a cock, how's that for a bio?

Who the FUCK would just tell everyone who they know? Jesus Christ.
If I did that, y'know what'd happen? The one asshole who now knew I
hated his guts would say "Ah gee Emett, why the hell you hate me?"
I'd tell him to fuck off cause he's a cunt, then the fucker would either
start a fight with me over it or try to get in my 'good graces', or what
the fuck ever. I'll be fuckin' dead before any schmuck knows my

goddamn 'relationships'. Asshole.