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Dr. Linda Thurstan


Linda Thurstan
Biographical Information
Eye ColorGreen
Weight150 lbs
Blood TypeAB+
Personal Information
HometownPalo Alto, California
OccupationDean/Zoology Professor
Date of BirthDecember 2nd, 1972

Other Information
AlignmentLawful Neutral
Languages SpokenEnglish, German
Story Information
Current StatusUnknown
AffiliationBellarmine University
Infected Killed4
Non-Infected Killed0
First AppearanceExposure
Last AppearanceDescent

Dr. Thurstan has been a professor at Bellarmine University for the past 11 years as a professor on zoology. Her reputation, is highly mixed in the student body, with many members of the body respecting her work and methods of instruction, while others argue that Dr. Thurstan is sexist against men, arguing their poor grades and lack of a romantic partner. The truth of the matter, however, might be somewhere in the middle, as she has zero tolerance for those in University that do not value their education, while simultaneously not having much success in her romantic life. As far as Dr. Thurstan projects however, is an indifferent to her highly contentious opinion among the student body, despite reading RateMyProfessor much more than your average instructor. Whether you like her or despise her, she was recently promoted to the dean of the College of Natural Science after the former dean's retirement. While she has less time to teach classes, Dr. Thurstan is currently teaching both BIO 101 (Intro to Biology) and ZOO 301 (Introduction to Zoology) this term. ((Use these as hooks))
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