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Desmond Connall


Desmond Connall
Biographical Information
D.O.BMay 28th, 1975
Body Type
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBlue
Body TypeBrawny


Desmond acts as a vocal, headstrong individual who has no qualms with acting on the issues he sees. He's a conventional family-driven man, instilled with traditional Irish values from his childhood. Another core part of Desmond's identity is his devotion to the Catholic faith, while not at the forefront of his life it plays an important role in his day to day life. Desmond keeps himself, and others, modest through deprecating humor. Though this shouldn't be taken offensively, as Desmond acts generously and loyally to anyone he calls friends. Going so far as to treat them like family.

Desmond has matted down, thinning brown hair, streaked with grays throughout. Desmond looks fairly older than he is, some having judged him to be nearly 10 years older than he really is. Desmond has deep blue eyes that're overshadowed by his slightly bulbous red nose. The skin on Desmond's face has become red and blotchy with age. When looking at him as a whole, he appears to be a muscular individual. He'd stand at 5'10'' and weigh in at around 182 pounds, his construction work helping to keep him in shape.
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