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Darren McKidd


First AppearanceThe Long Dark: Part I
Last AppearanceN/A

(This character is an A-NPC for Max Rutherford's group.)

Darren is a Coalition Ranger who aided in the rescue of Head Councilor Anton Korshunov during an operation carried out by members of Max's detachment. Following the success of the operation, Korshunov personally assigned him to the unit to replace the late Marco Alferez.

There is nothing physically impressive about Darren McKidd; he stands at a meager five-foot-six and is generally scraggly with trace signs of track marks on his wrists. As of the events of "The Glass Castle", Darren is rarely seen wearing his Ranger outfit and has instead replaced it with a patchy leather jacket and a shirt with a faded logo with his Ranger badge still on display, hooked on his belt.

In the eyes of many who know him, Darren has one of the worst reputations in regards to his status as a Coalition Ranger. He is a repeat offender who has been known to abuse his position of power for sheer entertainment, whether it be beating on an innocent, stealing (and selling) drugs, or using it to get out of difficult positions - In his own words when asked why he became a Ranger, he claimed because he wanted to be "part" of the oppression. He is perceived as being arrogant, cruel, deceitful, sarcastic, and outright abusive to an extreme - anyone with any sense of righteousness appears to hate or rightfully mistrust him.
Darren is all of these things and often unapologetically so. However, he has proven to be more complicated in this right, having displayed several instances of extreme heroism both in his rescue of Hana Takeuchi, as well as his desire to return for the missing Demi McIntosh after her abduction at the hands of one of the mimics and the Old Growth in Canada.

Since the events of "The Million Dollar Question", Darren was revealed at one point to have been a particularly well-adjusted member of the Rangers with a solid record and decent reputation.
After revealing his brother was murdered, Darren asked Max and Francis to return to his apartment to retrieve files on the case. There, the pair discovered several videotapes filmed by Bruce, his younger brother, which documented his downward spiral into drug addiction and depression in some attempt to cope with his complicity in a massacre of countless protestors during the Unity Day Riots at the behest of an order given by Larue Monroe; In these tapes, Darren is depicted as having taken on a severely abusive personality and having overdosed on several different occasions, only to be saved by his younger brother or Amanda - a woman hinted to be a previous lover. This addiction would play a significant part in the death of his younger brother, who left the apartment one night after Darren passed out where he ultimately went missing for several days and was discovered dead in an apparent gang-related crime.

Following a lead sent to him by a mysterious source, Darren showed some signs of his previous nature and conducted an investigation with members of Max's unit, where their respective party was able to hunt down and eliminate a member of the Global Health Committee; Frank Sutherland, a serial killer who preyed on younger women in Liberty District, harvested their organs and sold them to the highest bidder. However, he was not able to find conclusive answers pertaining to who killed his brother.

While not outwardly apparent, Darren is self-acclaimed to be an experienced fighter with copious amounts of time spent 'at the bags', or on the range. It's likely at least some of this is true and not exclusively his boisterous nature given his time as a Coalition Ranger. What is verifiably true from personal experience is his talent as an investigator, having served a crucial role in the apprehension of both "Man Mountain" Ockenden and Frank Sutherland.

Darren was first encountered with several other prisoners in Stephen Fisk's slave camp by Hana Takeuchi, Maurice Foree, Tiffany Reynolds, and Ollie Green. He served a crucial role in their escape.


(These relationships are not accurate, and will not reflect Darren's opinion on them in full. They are to give an idea and nothing else. They will only be updated after the completion of an episode.)

2028-2031, Monroe County, NY
"Max Rutherford"
(The Glass Castle)

"Really thought you were taking the piss when you asked to help me with Bruce. You're a hard, bloody daft bitch, but not a bad person - I see that."

"Francis King"
(The Glass Castle)

"You're a ripe example of the self-destructive nature of the human condition, determined as all hell to get yourself killed - still, I'm right thankful you've got something ticking upstairs, you're right to not trust Monroe and his men."
"That whole run-in with the plant changed you, I see it, I hear it every night when you wake up screaming. The second I see a vine coming out of you, I'm gonna bathe your stupid ass in herbicide."

"Nat Brackenridge"
Killed in early '31 during the New Karanda raid.
(The Glass Castle)
"You knew the score."

"Dwayne Clancy"
(The Glass Castle)

"The only people who go looking for trouble like you are Kamikazes, glory-boys, and full-on fuckwits."

"Marcie Graham"
(The Glass Castle)

"You're a full-on skank, I don't think you've got anyone's best intentions on your mind except for your own, and believe me, I know when someone's in it for themselves. Ask me to give my life up for someone else again and I'll slot you myself."

"Rachel Bevis"
(The Glass Castle)

"Love it when a posh bird wants to get dirty."

(The Glass Castle)

"Yippee-ki-yay, cowboy."

"Tyrell Mason"
(The Glass Castle)

"New Jack? I've heard all about you, one mighty record of all sorts of depravity; I never imagined for a tick you were the same fella - took you for a church-going good ol' boy ... I pity the fool who fucks with you, heh-heh-heh."

"Wendy Kang"
(The Glass Castle)

"I get it, pick the winning side but personally, I've always believed that it's the winning that's important, not the taking part."

"Greg Foster"
(The Glass Castle)

"Rings ... So many rings."

"Hana Takeuchi"
(The Glass Castle)


"Demi McIntosh"
(The Glass Castle)

"I couldn't stand you when we first met, I wanted to knock your fuckin' block off - drank me under the table, kicked my ass, and walked away with most of my coin. Then, I saw that they took you and I couldn't get my mind off of whether or not you were still kickin'. I don't put my neck out much anymore, I don't know what it is with you but I've got your back, I promise you that -- I won't lose you, I won't let you get yourself slotted for this shit."

"Truman Parker"
(The Glass Castle)

"You're bloody loving this."

"Charles "Charlie" Blackwell"
(The Glass Castle)

"You're a solid bloke."

"Duke Helmer"
(The Glass Castle)

"Have ya' tried lickin' ya own balls yet? Fuckin' mutt of a man."

"Miller Wardwell"
(The Glass Castle)

"You've lost how many patients?"

"Dwight Kilean Sr."
(The Glass Castle)

"You, oh, I know you, mate. You're an unapologetic animal, a remorseless murderer. I don't know why it is everyone feels complacent in trusting you, I just know how you operate, I know when we need you, you'll bugger off back to safety behind those walls of yours. I've had a lot of folks tell me you've lived and learned, but not you - I'd like to make that false on both counts."

"Larue Monroe"
(The Glass Castle)

"You've put on a mighty pretty show, Monroe but I've seen who you really are and I've seen what atrocities you're capable of committing first-hand. All of this? I know what it is, you want more sand for that hourglass of yours; more time, not to make it right. I'll tell you this, you sod - I'll make sure there isn't any for you to find after this is all over and done with."

"Marcus Baczek"
(The Glass Castle)

"You saved us, I didn't wait around for you to change your mind and I'm not going to lie to myself and say I would've taken your place if I could; I wouldn't--I wouldn't have even considered it for a moment, I'm a man more content walking off and saying 'better you than me'. I won't stain what you did by pretending it any other way."
"Finding you was nothing but chance."

"Maurice Foree"
Killed in early '31 during the New Karanda raid.
(The Glass Castle)
"Shouldn't have been you that went out, but it was. Life's cruel, mate, and I know you knew that."

"Tara Garland"
(The Glass Castle)

"Note to self: could be contagious -- bugger off."
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