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Character Headcanons


Sep 4, 2019

Pretty much as the title says, go make up a headcanon about some characters! For any oldies here feel free to use characters from past lores as well, no need to keep it limited to just this one. Also keep it fun and casual too!
Lowell Green
  • Lowell is really a serial killer masquerading as a submissive quiet survivor in order to build trust, only to strike in the dead of night.

Danica Copeland
  • Danica is really Danica Sherman who fled from her redneck Sherman family in order to live a normal life, and changed her last name to Copeland. Ever since she has been pursued by her inbred brother who's had a crush on her.
  • Danica was in fact a barista, but it was for the special forces hence her lowkey skills in being a badass scavenger come the apocalypse.

Emanuel Rullier
  • Emanuel has only shown less than 1% of his true potential throughout the apocalypse. Using 10% could in theory reset time and prevent the apocalypse from ever happening, however he believes this is an opportunity for mankind to come together and build something better. It is unknown what using 100% of his full potential would do.
  • Emanuel was an actor, however he really did his own survival show, which has given him the ability to fight bears with only a hatchet and kitchen knife— and win.
Seth Davis
  • Seth was auditioning for Hank Hill in the live action version of King of the Hill shortly before the outbreak occurred.

George Poplawski
  • George was auditioning for Gregor Clegane in Game of Thrones before the apocalypse occurred, and was nearly given the role, but pulled out of the contract for reasons unknown.

Fred Stone
  • His middle name is Flint.


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His middle name is Flint.
I was pretty scared to comment on his Bio about his name. At least I wasn't the only one who caught it.