Change in Ownership (4/1/2021)

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Gateway Roleplay is pleased to announce an immediate change in ownership. Previous owners: El Cid and Host have been moved to the Contributor role pending further action. The ownership role will now be filled by MindGate and Pika with shared power.

As a result, prior to the introduction of our next lore, our rules will undergo
substantial re-writing and re-structuring - restructuring of our admin team will subsequently follow.

Any questions or concerns can be addressed in the public thread which will be posted at the same time as this one. We expect full transparency with your questions. We will do our best to answer them promptly.

Thank you for your time.

Against my will, I have been urged to address the validity of this thread. Yes, I can confirm this is true. It was announced to the team as-of-an-hour ago. The day this was posted on was not lost on us. Any other questions that do not pertain to whether or not this announcement is real can be asked on the thread linked at the bottom.
Not open for further replies.