Brianna Tate


Brianna "Bri" Tate
Biographical Information
D.O.B.May 20, 1995
Personal Information
EyesDeep dark brown
HairMedium chocolate.
Description She is very fit, and stands about 5'7. She wears a leather jacket when it is cold and tank tops when it is warm out. She wears hiking boots and usually is seen in tore jeans. Her hair flows down past her shoulders. She is in her early 30's.
Likeschocolate, metal art, and tattoos
HatesHeights, spiders, snakes, and horses

Mystery dude: First customer...thanks dude

Erick: Sweet guy that saved my life. Thank you for being there for me.

Becca: Like so let me crash at her place which was really nice.

Mrs. Chen: Fed me and was going to help find items for me. Pretty cool but solid business type. Why just why..

Cowboy: Seems shy... Dumbass... why just why..

Henry: Smart guy.. will learn alot! You better survive this...Please dont hurt me.. Well
didnt like what I saw but I forgive you..

Bar lady: Oh my god she has nail polish!

Kaari: That girl is feisty but seriously knows her shit. Damn I hope she pulls through..

Terry: Timid girl, but thank goodness she was there to help save Henry.

Leo: Drunk much? At least you got Henry home safe so + for that

Russian guy: Gave me drugs.. Do I look like I take drugs..
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Current feelings stirring up in her..

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We need Brianna back at the stores... Whatever she is selling! lol