Anthony Wilson


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Anthony Wilson is an active member of Monroe and currently serves as its Chief of Agriculture. Most in town know him as a fair, but stern hard-working religious man who has refused to ease up in the least bit since his arrival in town, even with issues with both his age and his wife's deteriorating health. A few veteran members of Monroe may remember his battle with alcoholism early on in his time in town and subsequent recovery with the aid of friends and family.

He has floated in the background of Monroe after stepping down from his position as Head of Agriculture to care for his ailing wife during the in-office tenure of Constantine Hasapis. Recently, Anthony has stepped back into the fold, announcing his candidacy for the role of Minister.

Dear, Ruth
"Some nights, I watch you and I remember all those tender moments, how you would touch my hand while we walked the streets together, how you held me when our boys went off to college, how you never judged me through all of the awfulness I put you through. I think of how much they mean to me, and how you can no longer remember any of it. Still, I hear you; always keep your faith, Tony, and I can't figure out how to do it without you with me, I find myself blaming God for leaving you searching for fragments of memories that you, too, should feel such for. Prayer has done nothing, prayer has left us in such a mess, I may not be able to find myself praying to him anymore, but I will not leave your side, Ruth, you are the love of my life and the only one I would choose to struggle alongside in our final days."

Dear, Arlo
"I see you and I see the man your father was, I see honor, I see stubbornness, I see the desire to do good for those around you. Arlo, you have shown me friendship and compassion not often returned to me. I have written this letter on several occasions, now, each with different words, I've never been a well-written man, and I have never been the best at putting my thoughts to paper, or even through word-of-mouth. Know this, what you fight for is right, what you see for the world is good, and you are a dreamer. My time on this earth has told me one thing, that the world needs more dreamers. You are a leader at heart, and I am of firm belief you will come to see this for yourself, if you haven't already, and lead a future generation into a new light. I ask you for one thing. Do not change yourself for anything. I am proud of you, as your father was."

More to come.
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