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Adelaide - A Quarter Past Six


Sending love and comfort.png

A tremor; a stumble; a caged-bird aiming for release. With release, however, it would mean its immediate death-to accept original fate, the disposed circumstance to be able to communicate with 'her playground,' and neighbourhood children yet again. Another body-bag to gain; Adelaide’s presence had, in fact, been taken elsewhere, and taken captive. No reports occurred, no information of “Missing Cases” for children, neither. In her constant headache, Adelaide repressed the prior instances, subconsciously, perhaps. A constant blur edges in her perception, and when the occurrence withered into the reality of her situation, the blindfold occupied to dismantle her ability to view her surroundings, which prompted her to see blankness, and nothingness, other than the sheet of pitch-dark ambiguity halting the potential for her vision. Disregarding her blacklisted insight to her surroundings, the minor felt aches in her joints, and felt the depredation of captors using her to their advantage-for her, Adelaide, whenever attempts sufficed for her to act against her captors; Worse punishments occurred, punishments that felt her scarred. Memories that remained repressed, and caused her bewilder-Bewilder about the events of the prior day, and the day before that, too. The realisation of joints, and aching in certain regions forged realisation in her mind; Merged in the admixture of the reliving, and reminder of each occurrence, and passing-day that muddled her memory, and track-of-time.

These regulated thoughts accompanied the absent-minded state of her memory, and illness developing within at her core; A common comment from her grandmother, “Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today.” Which, was a saying from the adolescent’s grandmother, to release the budding tension forged within her; due to the lack of cradling, or consistent attention placed onto her from her neglected, and parentless childhood. As time progressed, within captivity, a desire to end the suffering of her situation served as 'fact' in her head; A realised concept to grant her permission to forge ideal “power” over her captors. In her state, actions had no meaning, and her presence evolved into numbness; Similar to the numbing sensation that her stature felt against the crisp, and inhospitable environment of the concrete floor. A familiar sensation for her to sleep against, and to wander within. Whenever wandering occurs, Adelaide’s petite stature would edge against the walling, to surface her hands against the concrete walls; To act as a pathetic attempt for comfort, and affection for an ‘object’ other than herself. The concrete wall’s texture reminded her of less inhumane realities; fantasies, even. Her hand slid against the tactile, density of the wall, to state her essence of longing. No tears beckoned against the blindfold. The girl discovered in early-stages of her livelihood, no one would arrive to her weeps, or feeble attempts to garner attention, or stimulation.

Years; Months; Days-A constant blur in memory. The continuous tactile sensation of skin against hers-left the adolescence or the entitlement of adolescence to wither, and to crack underneath the surface. A boniness, even frail stature, indisposed the functionality of her stature; A slimness affiliated in her joints from her lack of nutrients, and even the tactile sensation of her own skin-to-skin contact for reassurance dulled, and dimmed in the light of her reassurance. An atypical circumstance led to typical revaluations in the dwelling of her thoughts. Her thoughts, however, would be interrupted as the heftiness of a singular hand cradled against the anaemic complexion of Adelaide’s skin, asserting their hand against her to direct her into the unknown. An unfamiliar, yet familiar breeze gravitated against the minimum occupation of her clothing-A familiar scent trailed in her nostrils; A musk, pine, and the liveliness of the outdoors. A blinding sensation gravitated through the crannies of the blindfold; situating the sore tears to tremor from Adelaide’s eyes. To accommodate the man’s adjustment of her stature, Adelaide straightens her posture, and begins to weep in a dejected manner; Which evokes the harshness of a singular blow against her feeble abdomen. Disregarding the painful essence of the circumstance, a singular guttural response enacts from the embedding of her gut, to reach the girl’s mouth in the layered response. The man-the beast-however, misspends not a singular instance to remove the adolescence’s blindfold.

Multitude of flutters consist in her sight's compliance to view the environment; Her perception intertwines in the throbbing sensation, to accommodate against the newly presented brightness of the outdoors. Centring her perception, Adelaide’s able to see concrete flooring, and other individuals-Undisclosed, and unspecified, unknown individuals to her. Surrounding her, even nearby her, masked-individuals neighbour her presence, and the presence of others. Consistent clanging consists, thumping, even, in the ringing of the adolescence’s ears. Adjusting her perception appropriately, an attempt to perceive the individuals occurs; Adelaide perceives other human-beings, occupying themselves through rippling axes against boulders, or rocks. With signalling of their actions processing in her mind, a subtle furrow moulds in her brow, bewildered in her state. Chained in an appropriate manner, the individuals function in rhythmic motioning, and clear to her-Adelaide edged at the ending of the line, and assumed the position of ‘the youngest’. Diverting a singular stare downwards, Adelaide longs her perception downwards to the sole pickax. Common for her, suicidal tendencies, and even thoughts of possibilities embedded in her head, and core. An interference prevented these thoughts, however; interfering through the grit, and profound deepness of the man’s vocalisation.

“Get to work.”

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