Abigail Sommerville


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Abigail Sommerville
Biographical Information
Age28 (November 20th)
AffiliationCitizen of Haven's Point
Personal Information
DislikesWashing blood out of her hair
Personality traitsyes


Abigail (Abby) grew up with her twin sister Alisson (Allie) in a picturesque, suburban household. The two had many shared interests and would do most everything together. They were so alike that people could hardly tell them apart.

When the girls were 14, and the red-eye hit, Abby and Allie’s family was one of the lucky ones. The neighborhood managed to create somewhat of a fortress around a local convenience store where they held out for an impressive amount of time.

A few years into the apocalypse, the fortress fell, and Abby and Allie’s parents were lost when the family got separated from each other. Abby and Allie narrowly escaped in a car.

They drove around together, for years drifting from place to place, staying a while and then packing up and leaving together. They picked up many skills along and, over time, began to differ more from each other. Allie became the more introverted and contemplative of the two and was often their voice of reason and forethought. Abby’s sociable and shrewd nature, as well as her aptitude for electronics, allowed the pair many good opportunities. Their emerging differences and skills made them into a strong survival team.

The twins had many misadventures across the country, sporting a distinct ‘fuck it’ attitude as they went. The world had ended, and they had nothing to lose except each other.

Allie’s death was sudden, tragic and utterly pointless. A few days away from their latest pitstop, Allie was behind the wheel that night when she almost ran the car into an infected. She and her sister had been talking, laughing, when it suddenly appeared - she narrowly avoided it, ran the car off the road and hit a tree instead. Abby suffered a concussion, while Allie was killed instantly.

Something broke inside Abby’s mind that day. She left the car without ceremony, wandered alone down the road and, as luck would have it, found a friendly settlement. She told the people she met that her and her sister “had some car problems”, and that she had gone to get help. When she returned to the car, Allie’s body was gone from the mangled driver’s seat. Abby’s addled mind figured she’d gone ahead to their next destination, a big junkyard where they were hoping to find some scraps for the car. Their map was lost in the crash, but a junkyard couldn’t be that hard to find, right?

And so, Abby's quest to find her sister continues.

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Texas Battle

Pretty cool dude

Nice base, man!
Sorry about your friend. Cheer up!


Shrewd Frenchie

Hey, you fight red eyes pretty good!
Hot damn! Thanks for the house!
Wow, you got the crap beat out of you. I'll keep everything running while you get better, no worries!

Gerald Bechet
Calm old guy

Priests kind of freak me out a little bit. Sorry, not really your fault. You seem alright.​
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