Aaron Laxton


Sergeant Aaron Laxton

Aaron Laxton is an independent mercenary operating primarily within the geographical region previously known as the Eastern United States. Highly successful, he has gained some notoriety among certain groups for his ruthlessness and efficiency. Considering himself skilled in multiple areas, Aaron offers many services including finding missing people, coercion, thievery, and, if the price is right, murder. A soldier by trade, Aaron is a highly competent mercenary. Furthermore, he is known to be quite knowledgeable about the many factions operating throughout the world and has be said to peddle in information. He appears to be a selfish man to many, focused on his own pleasures and creature comforts, however he also has a reputation as a man who gets the job done and doesn't betray his benefactors so long as they're paying him. Aaron is also known by some for his ability to charm his way out of volatile situations and his often loud and excitable demeanor when he's off the clock.

Built like a tank, Aaron stands at 6'2" and weighs 195 lbs of compact muscle. He clearly cares about maintaining the physical prowess required in his line of work. Looking to be in his early 40s, Aaron is a handsome man. His weathered face has an intensity to it, however he also bears a charming smile he constantly uses to weasel his way out of precarious situations. His dark eyes are focused, but often carry a playful vibe as if he doesn't take himself or the world too seriously. He is known to be perpetually armed, often carrying multiple weapons on his person. He is known to primarily use a crossbow as his main tool for combatting the dead and the living alike and he utilizes it with expert accuracy. Aaron has a tattoo of an Arctic Wolf on his left deltoid, a tattoo of a black hawk on his right thigh, and the name 'Jenny' tattooed directly over his heart. His line of work has left his body riddled with various battle scars. Most noticeable of these are four scarred over bullet holes, one on his upper chest, one on his right shoulder, and another on his calf. Largest of these is a seldom seen scar on his buttocks, clearly from a larger caliber gun. He bears a slash wound on his right forearm. His remaining healed wounds are smaller and littered across his body.

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