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Aaliyah Stonecrest


Aaliyah Stonecrest
Biographical Information
Full NameAaliyah Stonecrest
D.O.B.October 31st, 1992
HometownBoston, MA
EthnicityBrazilian, Black
LanguagesEnglish, Portugese
Personal Information
HatesManipulation, Her parents
OccupationAstronomy Major
Common KnowledgeHer Major, Is a triplet.


Aaliyah is 5'3" tall and weighs about 120 lbs. She wears her naturally kinky black hair styled in a collection of long braids, often taking a -long- time to get her hair done in the morning. She has healthy, brown skin and appears to be of African and possibly Brazilian descent. She likes to wear dark clothing with bright colorful accents in the form of jewelry or accessories for her braided hair.



Aaliyah is a usually quiet person. Weed and alcohol both make her much more extroverted however and incredibly friendly. She doesn't like to stress too much and is very laid back, calm, and unbothered. She's known to be a very good and hard-working student but she does take her time to finish her work, typically the last one to finish a test in class or waiting until the last minute to finish her work completely. One thing most people who've met Aaliyah know is that she absolutely LOVES space. She's also voted the most likely to try and start a petition to get a reboot for Firefly.
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