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A Stand at Fort Holly

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Agent of the Geese Federation
Sep 4, 2019
Fort Holly, Texas.
May 21st, 2019.

Boards are nailed across the store windows of Main Street by shopkeepers and the few employees they still possessed. The air was cold and nipped at any exposed skin with every gust. As the townsfolk hurriedly prepared their shops for a rumoured mob the local police quickly raced up and down the streets of the city centre. They had been under occupation of the national guard for some time, however, the regiment of guardsmen had left the town two days earlier. Luckily they left their sandbags and checkpoints in place for the local law enforcement. As the sunset across Fort Holly the townsfolk finished what little defences they could conjure up on short notice. Confusion still plagued everyone, no one had a clue what exactly was happening. The only information that had trickled down was that a mob of rioters and sick were headed for their small Texian town.

Putting away their tools and locking up their doors, few shop owners took notice of the policemen as they began carrying out boxes of ammunition from the station. Sweat dropped off many of them as they quickly made their way to several different fortified positions. Dozens of officers waited at barricaded checkpoints, firearms loaded and held with shaky hands. There were vague rumours of mass murders in other towns, these mobs bulldozing through small towns like these and killing nearly everyone.

The night was quiet, though it didn’t ease the minds of the officers who still stood guard. They had expected this horde of coked-up rioters to arrive hours before, but there wasn’t a sign of any movement. It was almost 5am, people would be rising soon and a militia force could be recruited to man the barricades while the officers rested. But just as the first licks of sunlight sparkled across the horizon, a buzz was heard. Far off the shadow was seen and with it a buzzing sound. As it drew closer it became clear. The mob had finally come and they were groaning and moaning, hobbling along as if they had just done battle. Confused by the sight, the weary officers watched as the peculiar crowd approached. But as the shambling figures quickened their pace and their blood-stained clothes caught the policemen’s eyes it sent the officers into a panic.

“Stop!” Some of them shouted at the mob.

Behind the barricades, some of the deputies raised their guns hesitantly.

“Halt! Now!” More orders were barked out at the sickly crowd to no avail.

One man staggered forth from the group and charged towards one of the barricades, growling and clawing his way towards an officer. Hesitating to shoot the officer trips back on and falls, the sickly man mounting onto him and biting into the officer's flesh. A scream fills the morning air as fellow officers yank the crazed maniac off their comrade. More scuffling commences as more and more of the crowd trickles into the downtown area. Eventually, as batons and tear gas do little to stop the onslaught gunshots begin to ring out. Shots pop off as desperate officers turn to murdering their fellow Americans. Their defence was crumbling swiftly, shocked and sleep-deprived officers routed. Blood streams down the streets as screams and futile orders begin replacing the noise of gunshots. Doors and windows are smashed open as a seemingly endless horde of walking corpses file their ways into homes and businesses. Purging any life they find, the masses of bodies tear flesh from bone and annihilate what was left of the population.

Few managed to flee as the horde surrounded and pushed to the centre of Fort Holly. A massacre, with few left to tell its tale.
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