1. Holt @ Holt:
    We had a game of musical chair's for ownership/leadership
  2. Holt @ Holt:
    Thats all over now, All hail Supreme Leader Bezz!
  3. Pika @ Pika:
    The old owner just wanted to change up the name and use a newer version of Xenforo. That doesn't stop people from calling it New Dawn still, though
  4. Stillbrew @ Stillbrew:
    Ah, cool! Returning member from the Ashwood Cove lore, and a couple after that.
  5. Stillbrew @ Stillbrew:
    Fingers crossed I’ll get stuck in with this mob again
  6. Pika @ Pika:
  7. Holt @ Holt:
    Ah, a fellow oldie! Well, welcome back to the club! Please dont mind the clutter.
  8. Private Yarn @ Private Yarn:
    A lot has changed...that 'ol nostalgia burn brought me back. Saw New Dawn got moved here. Very happy to know this community is still afloat. Hope y'all are doing great. One day I'll return.
  9. MindGate @ MindGate:
    Hope that day is soon Yarn! Miss you and your RP.
  10. Jack Rogers @ Jack Rogers:
  11. Private Yarn @ Private Yarn:
    Currently I'm going through 68W AIT, however once I get to my first duty station I'll be trying to play.
  12. Bezz @ Bezz:
  13. Bezz @ Bezz:
    Yarn you joined the Army?
  14. Bezz @ Bezz:
    As a medic nonetheless damn
  15. Private Yarn @ Private Yarn:
    Yup! Finally decided to take that leap.
  16. BendySlendy @ BendySlendy:
    Remember to take pictures while you do cool things. You will regret a lack of pictures down the road if you dont.
  17. Private Yarn @ Private Yarn:
    Thanks for that. If I can, surely will!
  18. BendySlendy @ BendySlendy:
    You might not have the opportunity during training, like basic and AIT but once you get to your unit, you should be able to snag pictures of things like the gas chamber, training, group photos with friends... the photos with friends part will always be the most important down the road.
  19. Mr. Toucan @ Mr. Toucan:
    Yo, it’s been a minute since I’ve gone on here and saw that announcement in January. Is the lore up and running or is it still in progress?
  20. Pika @ Pika:
    We're still working on it as of now!
  21. Pika @ Pika:
  22. a rabbit @ a rabbit:
  23. MindGate @ MindGate:
  24. @ Azakaela:
  25. MindGate @ MindGate: