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  1. EnvyDemon

    Five's Gateway art

    It's never an art thread without some Rule 63
  2. EnvyDemon

    So, You Want to be a Journalist?

    A lot of people write guides of things they're familiar with, so I thought I might throw my hat into the ring and write a bit about how to play a character of a more, journalistic persuasion. Why should I read this? I've Covered Wars You Know! Well, I'm EnvyDemon, and I have about... 6 years...
  3. EnvyDemon

    C.P.F. Memes

    Throwing in mine in addition because we've had some fun brain storming these in the CPF Channels What's in Your Pants -As Nat Brackenridge, kill 69 enemies with revolvers Ace in the Hole -As Nat, Get 100 Headshots Over The Course of The Campaign. Do You Feel Any Better Now? -Complete the...
  4. EnvyDemon


    Welcome to the server :)
  5. EnvyDemon

    No Context Gateway Roleplay

    Because Nat is a pottymouth.
  6. EnvyDemon

    A Gif/Meme For Every Character: What Remains Edition

    Crystal Whenever She Is on the MPR
  7. EnvyDemon

    C.P.F. Memes

    Please rise for the official anthem of CPF Outpost 2-15.
  8. EnvyDemon

    A place to compile concerns

    If I recall correctly, Avery is still on the run, but Marian turned herself in, meaning that Marian's bounty was not corrected, and Avery's bounty is still out there, and she is still at large.
  9. EnvyDemon

    A place to compile concerns

    I can assure you that she is. She is still heavily upset by the situation, but other than that she is okay as far as I'm aware when I spoke to her on discord a few hours ago. That's all I'm going to comment at the moment in respect to her privacy.
  10. EnvyDemon

    A place to compile concerns

    I think I need to throw in my thoughts in here. I have never felt disrespected by a member of the admin team. I don't know what the experiences of others is, but I personally, have not experienced any thing but common courtesy. As for events, it is the role of the admins to play the villains...