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    Community Job Postings and Community Jobs Explained

    Community Jobs Explained: Each position pays 2 gold a week (in-game week). Salaries are paid via the Community Payout System (the storage locker outside of the Resident Services building - each person makes their own salary withdrawal, please make sure to use the logbook to log all payouts...
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    Information Pamphlet - Citizens and Visitors

    The Difference between Citizens and Visitors Citizens: Have obtained a citizenship license (signed by the Minister at time of issuement) Have agreed to the Citizens Obligations. Are eligible to apply for a house in Monroe. Are eligible to apply for permanent job positions in Monroe. Are...
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    Information Pamphlet - The Monroe Council

    CURRENT COUNCIL: Minister: Theresa ‘Terry’ Winters (elected December 30th, 2029) Heads (elected January 8th, 2030) Head of Agriculture: Larry Thorn Head of Construction: Gerald Bechet Head of Medicine: Kaari’nai Head of Commerce: Liliana Marat Head of Security: Preston Hand Additional...
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    Welcome back Jack!

    Welcome back Jack!
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    Terry Winter's First Speech to Monroe

    Terry Winters recently held her candidacy speech to the people of Monroe. The speech could be witnessed in the town park, as well as heard on the radio as it was broadcast across the Barrens. Present by her side during the speech was Alfred the guard. Below is a full transcript of the speech...
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    Heey, welcome!
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    Is this the real life, is this just fantasy

    Is this the real life, is this just fantasy