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  1. Pika

    So This Really Isn't A Joke, Is It?

    No, no it's not! Our actual April Fool's joke was enabling voice chat in the server for the day yesterday. Only a few people got to experience it, but it was as hilarious as we could have expected. I wanted to make another post to go a little more in-depth on things. We didn't want to make too...
  2. Pika

    Q&A (4/1/2021)

    I can answer the first and last question! 1. I would never marry a man, not even for tax break purposes. Sorry, Mind. 3. That's actually a role that already exists. Server contributors can give input on the lore (both present and future), help us build in-game with an admin account, and just...
  3. Pika

    Pika's Epic Art (2015-Present)

    here's some art from today. i actually used my tablet for once, but only in the first drawing.
  4. Pika

    Season 2, Episode 2 - "Oppressor"

    (CPF) | 02/28/21 (COMPLETED) "Two months have passed since the members of 2-15 arrived in Pittsford. Tensions in the city have only continued to rise." (Monroe) | 03/13/21 at 4:00 PM EST "The Monroe elections are finally underway, beginning with speeches from each of the candidates."
  5. Pika

    C.P.F. Memes

  6. Pika

    C.P.F. Memes

    fun max achievements for what remains Pittsburglar - As Max, steal 100 Pittsburgers over the course of the campaign. Ratatouille - As Max, swap out Francis 100 times over the course of the campaign. Pica Pica Pii - As Max, eat 100 unusual 'food' items over the course of the campaign. Check...
  7. Pika

    Pika's Epic Art (2015-Present)

    sam number 10000000 drawn in ms paint with my mouse because i draw nothing else
  8. Pika

    Season 1 Recap

    For those of you that joined in mid-lore, or even those who were here at the start but are a bit hazy on the early-lore, this is a recap on all of the major events that occurred in Season 1 of What Remains! The list will be added to as needed since there are certainly some things that are...
  9. Pika

    No Context Gateway Roleplay

    what remains version of no context screenshots as of. now.
  10. Pika

    C.P.F. Memes

    max making a delicious meal for her fiancee corey
  11. Pika

    What would you like to see out of our B41 lore?

    I feel that way, too! We're pretty torn on that one though. While I can't say for sure it'll be pre-apoc, I can confirm that next lore will be incredibly early-on into the apocalypse (day 1, week 1, etc.) if not pre-apoc.
  12. Pika

    Hi, MGFURST! To join the server, you need to submit a character application and be whitelisted...

    Hi, MGFURST! To join the server, you need to submit a character application and be whitelisted. Here's a link with everything you need to know as a new player!
  13. Pika

    C.P.F. Memes

    when youre just trying to admire the attractive female rangers working out and your ranger partner scolds you and drags you away
  14. Pika

    C.P.F. Memes

    beth when she sees max walk into the office to meet with chief monroe for the 50th time that week alternatively: miranda when she's told max has walked into her office and is asking for painkillers again