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    Day 18 of quarantine from the coronavirus. :tired: #Stillnotinfected

    Day 18 of quarantine from the coronavirus. :tired: #Stillnotinfected
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    Lore Info & Update

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    Weekly Update: Redux / Q&A #3

    Nice! Great stuff can’t wait!
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    Noah Rose

    Done!!! Noah Rose Biography complete for the "Final Descent"
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    Important What Comes Next?

    Hmmm okay den.
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    Noah Rose

    Hell yeah.
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    FInal Descent - Day One Overview

    I need more footage! So awesome lol
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    Noah Rose

    Noah Rose Biographical Information Professor Bordeaux, France March 5, 1982 Alive History Professor Physical Information 37 5'10 180lbs Light Brown Blue French/American Personal Information Season 1-Episode: 1 Season 1-Episode: ? Noah Rose is a character and a survivor in GWR's lore 'Final...
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    The Wanderer's Road

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    Mini Lore Launch Time

    Right after work, I'll be ready to go. 👍🏻
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    Final Descent

    Nice! I'm so ready!
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    Emanuel Rullier

    Last apearance updated. Survived
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    Important Theme for Next Lore

    Got a idea for a new lore. How about a lore set on a giant boat and near a port city of some sort... 1 week after the infection. Idk spit balling here. Bunch of survivors rushed on board some infected some not. People trapped on board, etc etc.
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    Important Theme for Next Lore

    Hard to choose lol. 😁
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    Emanuel Rullier

    Relationships Added! :cool:
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    Santiago Alvarez

    I'm 23 I was born in 96. No way he'd be 23 he'd be 28 or 29 I believe
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    Santiago Alvarez

    Age and D. O. B Are inaccurate.
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    Mitchell Moss

    The last weed supplier 😍