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  1. Azakaela

    Community Playlist [VOTE]

    I've received quite a few suggestions for the Community Radio playlist, 149 songs in fact. So, I put them all into a list randomizer and selected the first 30 3 times; now I'd like ya'll to vote for which playlist for me to use moving forward so that this is a community chosen playlist. :) Here...
  2. Azakaela

    Community Playlist[Survivor Radio Gateway Edition]

    Hi there, my name's Azakaela. I'm making a custom version of the Survivor Radio mod to be used on the server. This means it will have a completely new playlist from the original mod, as well as writing that'll be happening specifically with The Lines We Cross lore in mind. I'm gonna be working...
  3. Azakaela

    let this be my introduction

    some of you know me. hi