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  1. Jaded

    Of Gunpowder and Steel: A Roleplayer's Guide to Modern Firearms

    Combat. Self Defense. Hunting. Recreation. Regardless of what it's used for, it's going to make a statement. The Firearm. An elegant tool and extension of oneself for some. A brutal weapon of war for others. Regardless of your opinion on the subject, firearms have played an integral part in...
  2. Jaded

    Guide So You Want to Play Soldier?

    So you're dead set on playing a military character. Should be simple right? Slap on some camo, throw out some military lingo, gun down some players and zombies for F R E E D O M. . . In reality, that's really just Hollywood and the game industry's idea of how the military operates. It sells...
  3. Jaded

    Guide Roleplaying Winter

    « This is a repost of Mr.Blue's Post on Roleplaying in Winter. As it stands, this guide is nearly four years old and may undergo some changes. » In my opinion, the following is how to properly role-play winter weather. Don't powergame! - If you find yourself in freezing cold weather wearing...
  4. Jaded

    Guide Novice Character Creation - From Concept to Character

    « This is a repost of DerCharlie's Character Creation Guide » This might be subject to edits of both a minor and a major scale, to keep it up to date. Creating a character can be a challenging ordeal. Even harder is creating a good character. This guide will take you through the very basics...
  5. Jaded

    Comprehensive Vehicle List

    Hey, this is a port of Manic Pixie's original thread on the old AGN website her list of base game cars. I'm also taking the opportunity to include the vehicles that I can find from Filibuster Rhyme's Used Cars Mod. The base game vehicles will include their in-game spawn IDs, their in character...
  6. Jaded

    I Can Still Make Cheyenne

    ...opy, shots fired at the intersection between West Slaughter Lane and Manchaca Road. Sergeant to acknowledge shots fired and one down at Manchaca. Copy. Copy 307, EMS on their way. 310, responding.. West Slaughter and Manchaca, right? Copy, 310. Alright, heading over there now...