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  1. Tucker

    Season 1 | Episode 2 — "The Nasties"

    "As the initial chaos settles, the survivors begin to adjust to their new environment and come face to face with a dictatorial military regime enforcing its will on the population." Episode Launch: 09/29/2019 7:30 PM EST (CONCLUDED)
  2. Tucker

    NPC Tiers & Skillsets

    NPC Tiers NPCs now have two tiers! Their tiers, current occupations, skillsets and more will be found on their given ID cards and kept with their mannequin. Tier 1 Tier one NPCs have a relatively basic backstory and rarely, if ever hand out events. They’re mostly used for completing jobs around...
  3. Tucker

    The Glass House

    (Trigger warning: detailed scene of blood and violence) SSG Ross Wicker sits in the TC seat of a humvee, his hands gripping his gun anxiously as their convoy makes its way down a country road. Silently he listens to the ball bearings of the turret behind him, the gunner rotating around slowly...
  4. Tucker

    Trouble Near Stone Reach

    As the sun rises and sheds its golden light on Stone Reach, the occupants of a small farm begin to wake. Bare feet touch old wooden floor as people begin to move towards the kitchen of the ancient farmhouse. Eggs are gathered from a coop and potatoes from the cellar. In no time the abode is...
  5. Tucker

    Pre-Launch Update

    Hello there, pardon me for not having this out sooner for you all! We’ve had a few folks ask us some questions about the lore lately and well now we’ve finally gotten on top of it! Haha! Better late than never! The US Government When the infection first popped up around the world the US...
  6. Tucker

    Elevation? Oh boy!

    So, I heard you like differentiation in altitude, eh? Well, you came to the right place, Bucko. We're introducing some natural(ish)-looking land formations this lore! WARNING: We're going to be a whole lot more unforgiving when it comes to healing your character if you risk going up these...
  7. Tucker

    A Stand at Fort Holly

    Fort Holly, Texas. May 21st, 2019. Boards are nailed across the store windows of Main Street by shopkeepers and the few employees they still possessed. The air was cold and nipped at any exposed skin with every gust. As the townsfolk hurriedly prepared their shops for a rumoured mob the local...