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  1. AmongTheCold

    Community Playlist[Survivor Radio Gateway Edition]

    Pixies - Where is my Mind? Bob Dylan - The Times They Are A-Changin' Nine Inch Nails - Only (Dirty) I don't know where these would go, but they're songs I find myself frequently listening to when playing zomboid either way. So, add them if you want/can!
  2. AmongTheCold

    Weekly Update / Q&A #4

    Will you be introducing the faction system we've had in previous lores?
  3. AmongTheCold

    Weekly Update: Redux / Q&A #2

    If you remember the first mini-lore, I can only apologize.
  4. AmongTheCold

    Good to see you back Yarn!

    Good to see you back Yarn!
  5. AmongTheCold

    let this be my introduction

    oh no
  6. AmongTheCold

    Happy Holidays!

    During "The Road Ahead" lore, my character David Clarke threw a Mongol Christmas party in his room. Stocked with booze, food, and everything in between. One of the more memorable and sort of touching moments for Christmas was during the Bartertown Lore where our characters melted down into...
  7. AmongTheCold

    What was your favorite Lore/RP Moment?

    The Eight Black Roses event was some of the best event work I'd ever got to participate in honestly. Going through the night to watch more and more of the original nine die off and seeing the end that was set out for them? Poetic irony.