Streaming Rules

Players are allowed to stream in-game, as long as they adhere to these guidelines:

  • Streamers must announce globally OOC when they begin streaming.
  • Streamers must ask permission OOC from those directly around them to include them in their stream.

» If they say no, then whoever was in the area first may stay while the other must leave.
» If someone enters the scene midway, the streamer should inform them that they are currently streaming.
» Willfully remaining by a streamer, even if you do not wish to appear on the stream, implies that you have consented.
» If an event is ongoing, it is up to the admin in charge to decide whether or not streaming is allowed.

  • Admins may ask a streamer to end their stream at any time. Not doing so may result in a warning.

» If a streamer feels that they should not have been forced to end their stream, then they may send in a report ticket to be reviewed by the senior admins.

  • All footage may be used as evidence of rule-breaking, in the event that it occurs.
  • Streamers must include a link to the forums in the title or description of their stream.