PvP Rules

There are three different systems PvP combat on the server.

Mechanical PvP | Roleplay PvP | Hybrid PvP

All parties must decide on one system before initiating combat. The system may not be changed in the middle of the combat scene unless absolutely necessary.

Mechanical PvP

  • Utilizes basic PvP functions in the game.
  • No roleplay required.
  • TL;DR: Run, shoot, kill.

Roleplay PvP

  • Purely roleplay, no mechanical weapons used.
  • Must be done fairly.

Hybrid PvP

  • A mix of Mechanical and Roleplay PvP.
  • This is the default system for PvP.
  • Players take turns emoting and mechanically attacking. Whoever initated the combat makes the first move.
  • Drawing a weapon, attacking, treating wounds, and moving/manipulating the environment all take up one turn.
  • Throwable weapons, such as pipe bombs, count the same as any other weapon and take up one turn when thrown.
  • If you have an animal companion, they may also participate in PvP. Their turn takes place at the same time as yours.
  • A vehicle counts the same as any other weapon.
  • If you decide to flee from combat, the system immediately switches to Mechanical PvP and everyone is free to attack as they please.
  • If a new player decides to join the combat scene, they will be placed at the end of the turn order.

Additional Notes

  • Killing on Sight (KoS) is strictly forbidden.
  • If you accidentally harm another player while performing mechanical actions, it will not be voided.
  • Accidentally hitting another player with a vehicle will not be voided unless it was caused by lag.

If you wish to have an admin spectate your combat scene, send a message in the global chat or message one directly on thr forums/through Discord.