We utilize a two-part punishment system.

Depending on the severity of your offense, you may be handed a heavier punishment.


  • A warning may be given for any reason deemed fit by a member of the admin team.
    • All warnings are documented in the Discord and on the forums, and will be present on your forum profile even after they've expired
    • Warnings expire after a month unless otherwise specified, and may be removed by the senior staff at any time.


  • After you have been given three warnings or have committed an egregious offense, you will be given a ban.
    • Discord: 24-to-48-hour-long server mute in both GWR server and all group servers.
    • Forums: 24-to-48-hour-long shoutbox ban.
    • Game: 24-to-48-hour-long ban from the server.
  • If you continue to infringe upon the rules after recieving your first ban, your bans will increase in length until you are banned from the community permanently.
    • You may be banned permanently on your first strike if your offense is egregious enough.
    • You may dispute your ban by submitting a ticket via the forums, but nothing is guaranteed.
    • Some bans may not be allowed appeals.